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The Baseball Match

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“…. Stomata of the plant -” ‘Knock! Knock!’
came a sound from behind the door. “Olivia. Could you open the door, please?” Mrs. Cindy, the student’s Biology teacher, said. “Ok Mrs. Cindy.” Olivia opened the classroom door and in came the supervisor, Mrs. Matilda. She came into the room and spoke in a clear voice “Ahem, Ahem! Attentions please students. Sorry to interrupt your class Mrs. Cindy – ” “Oh no, it’s perfectly fine.” said Mrs. Cindy with a pleasant smile on her face. The supervisor continued “So, this year we have clubs organized in our school”

The students shared exiting looks at their friends. “I am going to give you these papers. They have all the information you will need. Good day to all.” Mrs. Matilda ended, handing Mrs. Cindy the club papers.

At recess Olivia was sitting with her four best friends as usual. “Oooh! I am super exited!” said Mia, handing chips to her friends. “I want to join the dancing club!” shrieked Amelia. “I like the art club!” said Sophia. “Look! Look! A science club ‘We are going to make fan tasting robots and more!’ I’ll join that one.” said Emma. “What about you Olivia?” asked Mia. “Hmm…. All clubs look fantastic! But, I want to join the Baseball club. I’ve loved Baseball! You know that!” said Olivia looking dreamily at her friends.

Olivia hurried to her house at home time. “Mum! Mum! Look! We are going to have Clubs in our school this year!” Olivia said hurriedly wanting to get the permission from her mom to sign in for the Baseball Club. “Can I please sign in the Baseball Club? Please mum! I’ll help you every day in your chores and I’ll improve my grade to hundred percent! I’ll also -” “We’ll see with your dad but I am ok with you signing for the club. Now go change your clothes young lady!” said Mrs. James smiling but speaking sternly.

At dinner, when Olivia’s father came home. This subject was discussed and it was decided that Olivia could sign in for the Baseball Club. Olivia was as happy as ever.

It was now a week from when the school students’ club paper arrives It was now the first Club meeting the students were to have. Olivia and her friends parted at the stairs as each one ran to their place where they were to have their meeting. Olivia was wearing her best Baseball suit that her parents had got her on her 12th birthday. Olivia ran to the big stadium of their school. Arriving there, she ran to the coach and he checked if she had signed in. All the students were boys except Olivia, but that didn’t matter to her. Everyone sat on the stadium’s audience benches. The couch made a speech “Good Afternoon people. This year children, by that I mean you all, will chose your own teams. We are going to host a annual baseball match! Chose your teams.”. Everyone rumbled around and started to choose their partners. There were 36 people in total and the Coach, Mr. Dennis. Everyone got their teams and only Olivia was left. Nobody wanted to take a GIRL in their team, but one team had only eight players so Olivia was put in that team. “Now please choose your team name. Tomorrow we will have our first training session.” “So, who are you ?” asked a golden haired boy named Dean. “I’m Olivia!” Olivia said excitedly. “What should we name our team?” said another boy named Liam. “How about Champs?” said Kevin. “Naa ! Not that….. How about The Falcons!” said Finn. “Yes! Sounds perfect!” said James. “Yes!” said Adam. “Great!” said Bill. “Good” said Yousef. “Ok!” agreed Olivia.

It was now a month later and The Falcons were working as hard as ever. It had been announced that the annual Baseball game would be held on October 1st. Olivia had been the only girl in the whole Baseball stadium and she was the only girl who had signed up for Baseball. The other team named The Red Champs had spread this fact around and it spread as fast as a wild fire and soon everybody was teasing her. Especially a girl in her class named Ruby whose brother, Justin, was playing against the Falcons and was in The Red Champs team. She would tease her every time Olivia was alone and no teacher’s were there. “Look at her! Playing Baseball! Only girl in the team! HA!” screeched Ruby and her two friends laughing.

Olivia didn’t have the personality that she could stand up. Although she tried but that caused her so much pain that she would burst into tears and run away. All this teasing caused her playing skills to loosen and now she would play horribly. Her team mates were very disappointed and wouldn’t talk to her their whole practicing session. Olivia had been their team’s hope because she used to play the best and now she wasn’t just bad, she had become VERY BAD. This also worried her and now she would spend most of her free time in empty classes.

Her friends would try to talk her out of crying but she wouldn’t listen. It was now September 30th and the match was only in two days limit. Olivia wouldn’t be interested in anything and would worry most of her time. “One day gone. Today is the match. I am the Pitcher. Most Important.” thought Olivia. She was getting ready. She wore a pink cap that had cat like ears, and a pink and white shirt and matching trousers. At this time, her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that her friend, Sophia, had texted her and wanted her to come to come borrow Olivia’s Biology notes. Olivia texted ‘Ok’. And she got ready for school. At school, Olivia met with Sophia in their empty classroom. When she gave Sophia her Biology notes, Sophia gently shoved it back into its owner’s hands and said “Keep it. I don’t need it.”
“But you texted m-” “Wait Olivia! I’m here for another reason.” Sophia opened her school bag and took out her phone. She texted someone and waited looking exited about something. Olivia didn’t know what she was up to and stayed silent. A moment later three girls arrived. It was Emma, Mia, and Amelia. “Here” said Mia and handed a beautiful pendent with a four leaved clover on it. “Wow! Why did you give it to me?” asked Olivia, still looking at the beautiful mint green color pendent with a four leaved clover. “It’s a lucky charm. I know it doesn’t really work but . . . You know . . . It’s beautiful and we all brought one.” said Emma. “We wish you the best luck ever Olivia.” said Amelia. “Show them! Show all of the nasty students who bullied that you are the best!” said Sophia encouraging. This energy had boosted Olivia’s hope and she marched to the stadium. It was now time for the match.

As The Red Champs and The Falcons Team came to the stadium, all people started to cheer as loud as ever. “LET’S WELCOOOOMMMEEE THE FALCOONNSSS!!!” roared Jade who was commentating.

The Match started. The Falcons were now neck to neck with The Red Champs with six points. They had to get one more point to win. It was all up to Olivia now. The ball was now with Olivia. She threw it as hard as ever hoping that the Red Champ’s team wouldn’t catch it and it wouldn’t touch the bat. She closed her eyes after throwing the ball. ‘Please let us win! Please, Please, Please,’ “YEESSSSS!!!!!” came a sound from the crowd. “WE WON! WE WON! OLIVIA COME ON! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! THEY ARE HANDING THE TROPHIE!!!!!!!”
Olivia opened her eyes. It was the best time of her life. People who were supporting The Falcons were roaring with happiness. Olivia came towards their principal “Good Job Olivia!” She said with a wink. Everyone crowded around her. “You made us win, Olivia!” said James and her other team mates. Olivia smiled. She grinned broadly! The only people who were angry were Justin and Ruby. Even their team congratulated Olivia and her team. Even the audience who were supporting The Red Champs were now going towards Olivia. Just some courage had made her, most wanted and famous person in a total of 1000 people. We should boost hope for our friends, help them in need and always stand beside them. You would never know when they would help you in some situation when you badly needed them.



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