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Oct 31, 2020 | 0 comments 2 is a real-time multiplayer and an original io-based online game. However, it has too little difference from the original. It has smoother gameplay and gestures, and enhanced graphics are included in the second version. Furthermore, it involves new skins and numerous different challenges.

The purpose of the game is to claim territory while creating full loops along with your snake. The region inside is transformed into your territory through full loops.

Moving around the screen to assert as much territory as you can, while avoiding crashing into your enemies, seems to be the same principle here as the original. It has a clear enough formula that is easy to pick up straight away and usually runs pretty smoothly when the ground begins. However the lag in the game continues to get worse until the game progresses and more territory is claimed, only if you can find it a struggle to move across the screen at all.

You snake will die if your tail is struck. Search for a weak point in their territories while pursuing enemies. Always look out and make sure that you are not just sneaking upon them!

There has been a decent bit of luck playing here either, specifically when it comes to where you land after first you join the game. I came into the first round unbelievably near to the other combatants on several rounds, whole crowded in the middle and battling for almost the same area immediately. Let’s just say, such rounds ended surprisingly quickly. It would make much more sense to have players progressively away from one another; however, where you end up is indeed random.

You can start the game at any location with Paper.ios 2. The control over square color is up to you. For expending the area as much as you want, use the blocks. You also can snatch the collar from your competitor in the game. You should not crash into your enclosure row. And Have fun.


Arrow keys/WSAD: to move up and down, right, and life around the map.

On mobile: Just swipe on the direction you’d like to go.

On computer: Move the mouse to control the snake.

Main Feature:

  • Movement of free-degree
  • New skins to unlock
  • Beat Challenges
  • Play along with friends
  • Accessible Fullscreen

Developer: 2 game of the version is influenced by a Voodoo game.

Release Date:

It has released on iOS in August 2018, on android in September 2018, and HTML in March 2019.


  • Mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Desktop


How to play 2?

You start the game on 2 at a random place on the map. Your character is under your command and a color cube. Your strokes will cover the map with your hue. The wider the range you grab, the greater the position you have.

Do what you believe to be the best. However, keep in mind: your competitors are ready to take over part of your territory. You are going to keep working intensely to never risk anything.

Never leave your territory vacant and keep it secure. The game holds points for the performance, thus keep winning more. Step by step, expand to the top of the leading boards. Play 2 and grab the entire map for free.

  • Go to the CrazyGames at 2.
  • To control your snake, use the arrows, WSAD, or mouse to shift.
  • Acquire territories along with your snake by building full loops.

How can you kill other players in 2?

It is really easy to kill other players, by hitting the tails.

How to be good at 2?

For getting good at, follow the given strategies:

  • The Color Universe: You have to lay down to your territories if you want to win big scores and beat teams. The larger the portion you hold of the map, the higher your score will be and more likely to win.
  • Cut their tails off.
  • Never leave your territory, if you do so you will make a suicidal mission.
  • To score big and victory collect skins of your character player.



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