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Flaming Truth is a free, web-based platform to share, connect, and express yourself. From idea generation to publishing and distribution all in one place, Flaming Truth is the way to speak your mind

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A dynamic community of inquisitive minds Flaming Truth is a new way to read, write, and share content on the internet. No more fake news, clickbait headlines, or content mills filling your feed with click-worthy rubbish. We’re a platform where writers of all kinds can create & curate original content that’s worth reading.

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The importance of writing, reading, and expanding your knowledge base cannot be understated.

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I ardently believe in Flaming Truth’s objective to change the status quo by providing an alternative platform for those who want to be heard. They’re innovative, real, and unafraid to speak their minds; something the world needs more of. – Usman Razi


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