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Self Confidence

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I always try my best to be confident. Every time in college and university I was ready to take any presentation, or opportunity to speak, and voluntarily stand up to explain topics in front of the class to overcome fear and become more confident. After that when I come into professional life the struggle is the same. Back in student life, I was afraid of making mistakes in front of people and questioned my judgments. I thought if anything didn’t go well, that defines me as a failed person, and what other people think about me that push severe pressure and makes my mind numb, unable to comprehend what I have to think and say at that moment. In my professional life, I learn how to be more confident. Nobody cares about our mistakes. People forget the very next moment, but we doubt ourselves. As a front desk officer whenever I came across people I realized there is nothing to be afraid of. I realized a lot of good talented people were just rejected during the interview due to a lack of confidence. The first thing that inspire me and left a huge impact is the other person’s confident and positive attitude.

Affirmations, appreciation, a sense of accomplishment, achievement of goals, and support from people (superior) around you are directly linked to self-confidence. There is nothing else that kills the confidence of a person as criticism of a superior. I never criticize or degrade anyone. As I believe confidence is top-tier quality a person can possess.

”The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”Blake lively


Self-confidence means believing in your judgments, capabilities, abilities, goals, and success. it is about your self-image, and self-worth, standing for your rights, coming out of your comfort zone, valuing yourself, and self-reflection on whether you can achieve something or not. How you determine yourself, your worth regardless of imperfection or what other people think about you. You understand that your weakness changes your worth yourself you work on that weakness with a positive mindset. Just as Rumi said:

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your myth.”  

Confidence helps us to move forward, experience life events without hesitation, and take chances and risks without fear of failing, you know you can try again, it is the process of learning. you work hard for yourself and get what you want even if you have to stand alone. Nothing extraordinary was ever achieved by people who have self-doubt. Low self-confidence impairs the function of the mind and body.

Importance of self-confidence:

Self-confidence is the paramount quality of a person that makes you successful in different aspects of life. It is important not only because you feel better but also helps you to take risks, speak up for what you believe in, chase your dreams, and gain success. Understanding the benefits of self-confidence is the initial step toward improving self-confidence.

self confidence

5 ways to improve self-confidence

  1. Look into self-talk: Yes, self-talk is the primary step towards self-confidence. Positive self-talk helps a person to feel motivated, encouraged and optimistic. It is showing compassion towards yourself. Positive self-talk leads to a positive attitude. You know what you have been through and who you are. You need to be more polite to yourself. You said to yourself: I can do it, I can learn from my mistakes, let’s try again, etc.
  2. Come out of your comfort zone: It is very easy to stay in your comfort zone, but stepping out to experience difficulty and accept challenges helps your fear go away. “When you stop hiding parts of yourself from other people, you’ll find you feel more confident in who you are,” Mr. Houpert said.
  3. Work on your look: Have you ever heard? The first impression is the last. If you dress up nicely you will look and feel more confident. You should take care of yourself.
  4. Visualize yourself as you want to be: when you visualize or imagine the situation that makes you uncomfortable, you prepare yourself in imagination and you will feel confident in that situation. A lot of successful people use visualization techniques to get what they want.
  5. Take risks: You can’t be confident by playing it safe. Those who take a risk, even if they fail sometimes know this is the journey of success, they learn along the way to success. If you have made a bad decision, try to find the solution or learn from it. Once Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

                 “I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.”



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