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Rhus Glabra What’s So Trendy That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

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Rhus glabra Sumac

Rhus glabra shrub has a bunch of beautiful flowers in light green color, which open in the springtime to inspire various insects, bees, even moths.


Rhus glabra is also referred to as Smooth Sumac. It is a natural evergreen shrub that typically grows 9-15 feet in height. Otherwise spreading across every region and portion of Canada. Rhus plants of an Anacardiaceae family, common to Central America, including western Québec, Colombia from Canadian region, Florida or Arizona as in America, Tamaulipas, among Mexican’s regions. That is resistant to dryness and is commonly observed in degraded regions, broad wooded areas, grasslands, barren rock slopes, as well, as cliffs. However, their flowers are tiny and coated with brownish hair, while they are developed on big, hairy branches. Old timber has a soft, greyish to brownish surface. Smooth Sumac spreads by suckers, thus developing thick clusters, although it is also an essential cold-weather food resource for animals.

Caring for Rhus Glabra

Rhus glabra plants need minimal maintenance after they have been appropriately planted in your backyard. During the late warmer months, the pathogenic sumac leaf cyst aphids, Melaphis rhois, causes galls mainly on the bottom of the leaflets. These galls do not damage the shrub.

It will be necessary to hydrate them even through hot summers, but remember that they prefer the well-drained ground. One will also require to trim them regularly when they may get unmanageable though not maintained in balance. If never effectively managed, these native species may become widespread and takes over vast amounts of land. 

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Uses Of Rhus Glabra 

The fresh sprouts have been consumed as a salad by Native Americans. That fruit tastes bitter and has a big seed, yet it may be eaten (to quench thirst) but also turned to make a lemonade-like drink. Deer garden its branches and fruits. To enhance the taste of smoking, including its therapeutic properties. Smooth sumac berries may be found far into the cold season, as wild turkeys, black doves, or a variety of other migratory birds depend on these for nourishment.




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