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The Ultimate Hair Color Guide | Hair Dying Tips

Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Who doesn’t wanna have perfect hair every day? When it comes to perfect hair, every person has a different perspective. For some of us, the beauty of natural hair is all they long for. At the same time, some adore the changing trends and love to color their hair accordingly.

Nowadays, almost every beauty salon offers hair coloring offers and promotions to attract clients. You need to have a piece of prior knowledge about the salons you’re considering for your transformation. Always opt for a good salon as your hair is one of your greatest assets, and you surely don’t wanna mess up with it.

Hair Color Tips

The following are some essential tips that you should consider before your hair treatment.

Do your research 

The most crucial step required before any treatment is the research. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of your knowledge. Nobody knows your hair more than yourself. You know precisely what sort of hair care routine you follow and what sort of issues you face with your hair. Thus, familiarize yourself with the essentials of your hair.

When planning on getting a new hair color, look up for hair color ideas on the internet and make up an image of yourself in that new hair. Whether you opt for a subtle ombre, some pretty pastels, or go for the bold, dashing look, make sure to do your research before you get the show on the road. It’s better to enter the salon for a preplanned look in mind rather than brainstorming at the eleventh hour.

Know your undertone

Whatever color you want to go for, it should complement your skin color. As savage as it sounds, you can’t carry any color you see on someone else’s hair. You might have a different skin tone than the model you saw flaunting her hair transformation.

One particular hair dye can have different looks on different skin tones. You could lookup for the appropriate and desirable colors according to your skin tone on the internet (if you intend to dye it at home), or the best possible solution is to consult with a professional colorist.

Find the Right Salon/Colorist

If you’re a newbie, show up to a good salon for the sake of your hair. Trust me on this; you never want to mess up with your virgin hair. An experienced colorist would do the job much more efficiently than you could do yourself. You could show your desirable look to them and get suggestions as well.

In case your friend told you about the dye she used on herself, let me remind you that knowing the dye shade isn’t enough. A whole lot of science is involved in getting the actual results. Most of the light, bold and gold shadows require cut down, which isn’t as easy as pie. Professionals have in-depth knowledge as they deal with such issues on a routine basis. Hence my sincere advice to you is to refrain from experiments and think sensibly before its too late.

Not All Colors Can be Achieved in First Appointment

People wanting blondes and lighter shades have to be patient with the process as these colors are hard to achieve in the first attempt. Blondes, the ones pulled off by actresses and divas, have been completed after multiple methods because removing the hair’s natural pigment and maintaining and balancing the new growth is challenging. Shortcuts might cause long-lasting and detrimental effects.

Choose Easy Maintenance Options For Your Hair Color

Now that you’re considering all the possible options know that the course of maintaining your dyed hair can be quite demanding at times. As beautiful as it seems, the world of dyed hair is a job that requires timely maintenance, or else the hair would turn into an absolute mess.

For starters, my sincerest advice would be to go for easy maintenance options. By this, I mean colors that wouldn’t require touch-ups now and then. When the dye covers the full head in the form of a single color or highlights, the new hair growth begins to tarnish away the beauty of it. Thus a root touch-up is needed to overcome the virgin black hair growths, often every two to three months.

Contrarily, in the case of ombre or balayage, the hues of the dyes are blended within the hair’s lengths, not the roots. Hence the new hair growth does not necessarily need touch-ups, and you could continue enjoying the flawless hair for up to several months without the essential need for root touch-ups.

Never Skip the After Care After Hair Color

Once the colorist has done her job, and you step out of the salon flaunting your new hair, the job is then handed over to you. During your part, you need to focus on the after-care of your hair. The colored hair requires more attention than the virgin ones. The myriads of chemicals applied to achieve the desired look can make your hair dry and damaged.

To retain the beauty, take special care of your hair. Apply natural hair masks at least twice to thrice a week for best results. Natural moisturizers like eggs, olive oil, yogurt, banana, mayonnaise, honey, etc. can provide satisfactory outcomes.

The oiling and masking rituals should be paired with a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain good luster to the hair. A wide range of color-protectant hair products is readily available in the market these days. These make the colors last for a relatively longer duration (compared to ordinary shampoos) and neutralize the yellow tones caused due to cut down.



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