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The Great Dane Husky Mix Dog Breed

Jan 28, 2021 | 0 comments

The Great Dane Husky Mix

Since my first article trended on Google, I got too many requests to write an informative article on Grade dane husky mix. So, I went through the internet to get some relevant knowledge of this breed. Surprisingly, there aren’t such extensive blogs or articles on this beautiful breed. 

As a dog lover, I’m well aware of those uncertain confusions and questions that appear while getting a dog. If you’re willing to have a doggo friend, either it’s a French bulldog or a golden retriever, you must have to research a lot about it. Similarly, fans of great dane husky mix are looking for some explanatory piece of content that will clear all of their confusion.

Well, I work my fingers to the bone to come up with an explanatory blog on the great dane husky mix for you. After reading this blog, you will definitely decide if you should buy or adopt a great dane husky mix. 

So, let’s dive into the ocean of this incredible dog breed.

An Overview Of This Blog- Husky Great Dane Mix

  1. The history of great dane husky mix
  2. The temperament of great dane husky mix.
  3. Physical features of great dane husky mix.
  4. Great Dane husky mix puppies

And much more….

Great Dane Husky Mix- History

Being a designer dog breed, the great dane husky mix has a missing history. They’re hybrid dogs, and unfortunately, their origin is nowhere to be found.

Well, as their name suggests, this beautiful breed is the cross between great dane and husky dog breeds. However, still, there is a question that is unsettled. Why did breeders introduce great dane husky mix dog breed?

Here is the answer;

Purpose Of Husky Great Dane Mix Dog Breed

Since the two dog breeds of husky mix and great dane were very famous among the ancient people of Europe and Siberia, they thought to originate another dog breed that will more practical than these two breeds.

For this purpose, they introduced the Siberian husky and the great dane for breeding. 

History tells us that their owners used them for multiple purposes such as to guard themselves. These dogs lived outside the chambers of their masters to protect them from wild beasts. Hence, called as chamber dogs.

Also, the main motive of this dog breed is to get big dogs for hunting bears, deers and other wild animals. This hybrid dog breed hunts small animals very well for their owners.

Husky And Great Dane Mix-Difference

As I mentioned above, the great dane husky mix is a hybrid dog breed. You may be thinking that what are the characteristics the great dane husky mix adopts from its lineage i.e: great dane and Siberian husky.

I think you must know all the traits of great danes and huskies so that you’ll have an idea about how your great dane puppy might look like!

Great Dane

This dog breed has a powerful, lean, and muscular body with a patient and friendly nature.


The male dogs are 30 to 32 inches tall, while the female dog is slightly shorter i.e: 28 to 30 inches.


They’re so heavy due to their heavy, muscular body. The male great dane weighs between 140 to 170 pounds, whereas the female great dane has a weight of 100 to 140 pounds.


The great dane dog breed has a life expectancy from 7years to 10 years.

Siberian Husky

With erect ears, beautiful eyes, and a well-furred body, the Siberian huskies rank as the top 15th popular dog breed worldwide. They love to travel, walk, and run. Also, they enjoy the company of their owners and family.


Huskies have a shorter height than great dane. The male huskies are 20 to 24 inches tall, while the females are just 20 to 22 inches tall. Despite their rights, people use them as working dogs too.


Even though their whole body is covered with thick fur, husky’s weight lies from 40 to 60 pounds in males and 30 to 50 pounds in female doggos.


The Siberian dog breed lives more than its companion of the breed ( great dane). They live 10 to 15 years.

Siberian Husky Great Dane Mix-Physical Features

You see, the parents of the great dane husky mix have completely different features from each other. In fact, their temperament and origins are separate. 

So obviously, it’s very difficult to find the characteristics of their hybrid dog (great dane husky mix). Each dog of this breed has traits and characteristics that vary from each other. 

However, I summed up a few similar characteristics upon dynamic research. The following are the hard and fun facts of the great dane husky mix.

Facial Features

  • They’ve erect ears as Siberian huskies and a wide frontal bone. Also, they hold a long nose, extended jaws, and wedge-shaped eyes.


  • The Great dane husky mix are not fat dogs. They’ve thick and tight skin and an athletic body. These sturdy dogs are observant creatures with high intelligence and brainpower.


  • Most of the great dane husky mix dog breeds have deep and dark brown eyes. Well, as I mentioned above, they don’t have similar properties. Some of these chamber dogs also take over a little shade of blue and gray colors.


  • Since the huskies have thick and dense coats with multiple shades and great danes have a very short fur coat. So you can assume that your great dane husky mix might have a short to medium fur-coated body as no great danes are skinny. They also shed too much so you’ll need a trainer or caretaker for your doggo who could clean his shedding.
  • Their coat is waterproof, and the color ranges in different shades such as brown, black, tan, and fawn. 
  • When two white merle husky and great dane mate, they can reproduce a c great dane husky mix having few white spots or marking on his body.
  •  The complete white great dane husky mix is a rare breed. It can happen due to genetic defects. 

The size of husky great dane mix

It’s actually the game of genetics. In most cases, they’re bigger than their parents, and sometimes they lengthen smaller. Yet, the ratio to their actual size is 90 by 10.

The great dane husky mix dog breed is a big dog breed. If compare the size of Siberian husky and great dane, this hybrid dog breed ranges somewhere between 21 to 35 inches tall.

The lifespan of husky great dane mix

  • 7 to 15 years 

Great Dane Mix Husky-Temperament

  • They inherit the mixed temperament from great dane and huskies. The great dane husky mix is quite moody. They can be sweet and aggressive at the same time. Their owners always get into trouble because of their energetic yet short-tempered behavior. 
  • The great dane husky mix love their owners. They are brave, protective, and loyal. They take enough time to get attached to people and show stubborn behavior, but once they get closed; they become mischievous and playful. This type of dual nature behavior is an exceptional quality of the great dane husky mix dog breed.

Great Dane Husky Mix Puppies

  • If we talk about the cute little puppies of hybrid dogs, there are lots of things that need to be discussed. But as you’re reviewing this fantastic dog breed, I’m gonna show you a short but complete summary of these puppies.
  • These puppies need maximum training sessions. As they are highly aggressive and short-tempered, they demand patience and tough training. This is the reason most people adopt already trained great danes and husky mix puppies. 
  • While the adoption of puppies is difficult, it is also very enjoyable. If you love dogs, then I would definitely recommend you to bring a hybrid puppy. I bet you both will have a very good time together!

Great Dane Husky Mix Pictures

I know you’ll love to see some pictures of your upcoming doggo. If yes, click here.



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