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Golden Retriever Breed (Traits and Facts): America’s sweetheart

Aug 31, 2020 | 1 comment

Dogs were likely the first domestic animals. They have been with humans for almost 40000 years. In fact, they are the descendants of gray wolves. The habits and manners of all breeds of dogs looped with these wolves.

Out of the world’s 195 breeds of dogs, Golden Retriever is very popular all over the world and considered as a family pet in the USA. This dog breed is highly intelligent, playful, and most friendly. Above all, these dogs show a tolerant attitude and positive response. There is much more to know about these sublime dogs!

Fascinating Facts:

1 Weight:

These dogs are extremely cute and beautiful. They usually weight between 55 and 75 pounds (ca. 34 kg), stand 22–24 inches (0.61 m) tall, and have a life expected 10–13 years.

2 Fourth smartest breed:

They are the fourth smartest breed behind Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds.

3 Types:

There are actually three types of Golden Retrievers, and they vary in color and size.

Interesting Traits of Golden Retriever:

1 History:

Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in mid of the 19th century. At that time, wolf hunting was the popular sport so basically, it was originated for wildfowl hunting purposes. In 1927, this breed was first registered in Canada.

They first came to North America in 1920. They are loved and became extremely popular for their excellent temperament and beautiful appearance. In 1925, the American club registered Golden Retrievers as a social breed. They are currently ranked in number 3 out of 195 dogs.

2 Family dogs:

This breed has a notability of being family friends. They are family favorite of a long time. Goldens are affectionate, favorable, funny, patient, and smart. They build a strong bond with their owners. They miss them when their owners are not at home. They spend most of their day playing and liking their boss. They like to be at home, play with toys, and make love with people.

3 Guard dogs:

Naturally, they are not effective guard dogs than other breeds because of their friendly nature and sweet dispositions. If someone attacks their boss, they quickly become nervous and confused. They watch the scene and standstill. But if they are given the right instructions and the best training, they can be good protectors. These dogs only need a little bit of training, and then they become capable enough to become masters and guards of their owner and home.

4 Nature:

They are one of the coolest dogs out of various breeds. They are calm, cool, and family-friendly. They get well together with children and other dogs as well. With enough training, they can get along quickly with small pets such as rabbits and cats. They also have a high tolerance for pain and other dog injuries that other dogs can’t. They act cool even when they are hurt.

5 Versatile Dogs:

These super-intelligent, loyal, and devoted dogs are fabulous family pets as well as great working dogs.

Intelligent, loyal, and easy to train. These characteristics allowed this breed to be used in various fields. Though they are family-friendly, it doesn’t end here. The Goldens are also service and employed as therapy dogs. Because of their sharp and keen sense of smell, they have been used to find, track, and test smugglers. They also worked as hunting companions.

6 Swimmers:

Compared to other dogs, these dogs love water and also like to live and swim in it. In fact, they are born swimmers. That is why they are natural athletes!


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  1. Asad Gull

    What an informative article! Time to get myself a golden retriever now.


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