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How to Train Cats At Home! – 7 Tried and Tested Ways

Oct 10, 2020 | 0 comments

How To Train Your Cats- 7 Tried and Tested ways!

 Cat training is commonly used to enhance interactions between Human and pet cats. Cats are cute, innocent, playful, and lovely. They are so captivated and quick learners that is why training cats is very easy. Cats are not as social as dogs. But it is stated that 42% of the citizens of the UK are cat owners and they got a cat because it makes them happy. In this blog post, you will learn some tried and tested ways of training cats. And how to train your cats in a more natural and fun way!

Social Skills:

Training of kittens usually starts with their social skills. Here, I have given some of these tips below to help your cat develop even further.

1. Introduction to new minds:    

    Your kitten will get used to many people if you invite an assortment of playmates to your home.

 2. A Cat-Friendly Dog:

  Introduce your cat with a cat-friendly dog. The dog must be able to stay while meeting a new friend. It must be playful so that your pet kitty can play with it. It will surely learn different tricks of playing and being friendly.

3. Car Ride

Make your cat used to car travel from a young age. Take it out in the car for quick trips.
Now start teaching your pet some useful tricks and training. Cats can learn many types of commands, such as

  • To come when called
  • Rollover
  • Shake a paw
  • Scratching Post
  • Cuddling
  • Stop Biting
  • Taking Bath

Yes, you can train a cat and it’s all much easier than you think!


1 Patience 

2 Clickers

3 Treats 

Patience: Positive reinforcement and patience are mandatory if you are learning how to train a cat.

Clickers: A clicker will help you give positive reinforcement when you are training your pet.

Treat: Most of the cat’s training includes offering your cat a treat.

7  Tried and Tested  Tips:


Photo Credits: Pinterest

 If you make a distinct noise before feeding-before you open a bag-vocally call your cat or click your tongue, your cat will learn to link that noise with something positive and head to you when it hears this.

-Start from short distances.

-Make the noise, use your clicker. When your cat comes, reward the pet with a treat. 


Photo Credits: Pinterest

 -Place a litter box adjoining your toilet. Then gradually bring it closer and closer to the top of the seat.

-Once your pet is accustomed to using a litter box, change it with a special litter box that fits within the toilet itself. (buy flushable litter)

-In the end-use less and less lit to get your cat accustomed to doing its business without a litter.

-Finally, remove the trash box entirely.


Photo Credits: Pinterest

-The easiest and simple training than you might expect! 

-Get a treat ready, then align yourself to the same level as your pet.

-Tap your cat’s paw while saying “shake” and use your clicker when it moves its paw.

-Repeat this until your cat offers its paw in response to the shake command without tapping.



Photo Credits; Pet Toys

– If your sofa and mattress are suffering from scratch marks everywhere. Here is the solution,

– You can use a scratching post for any urges your cat may have.!

-Try gently lifting your pet’s front paw and make a downward scratching motion along with the post. It should soon get the idea.


Photo Credits: Pinterest

-Young cats are filled with curiosity, excitement, and energy. They never want to sit in one place No matter how much they love you, they feel restless when you cuddle them.

-Don’t force it to stay still or be picked up if they don’t want to be.

-After a; little compromise your cat will soon love to cuddle as you are.!


Credits: Google

-There are many possibilities why a cat might suddenly start biting, seeming unprovoked.

-It feels unpleasant if your cat always seems to bite you.

-Your cat bites just because they express their natural hunting instinct.

-You can help your pet to practice this instinct by providing toys that they can bite and claw to their hunting delight.


Photo credits: Totobi

 –Cats are self cleaners. They hate water so much, but bathing a cat is rarely needed.

-Place your cat in a special bowl or cat bath and make sure they are calm. Try giving them a toy until they look relaxed.

-Slowly, add water with its favorite cat planned shampoo.

-Rub the shampoo gently in their coat, making sure not to get it in their eyes and nose.

-Take the process continued till its fur looks fluffy and soft.

The ASPCA recommends up to two cat training sessions per day for five minutes or ten. It makes a cat do tricks frequently. Once these skills are masters, your cat will be ready to star in some internet memes!

If you want to learn more about training domestic cats, use the following app, and follow The Spruce Pets.



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