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How Positive Thinking Sharpen your Skills, Boosts your Health and Improves Your Work

Aug 25, 2020 | 0 comments

Positive thinking

You see the bright side of life with a positive mindset, get motivated, and expect the best to happen. Surely it is a state of mind worth establishing.

We affect and are influenced in one way or another by the people we encounter. Instinctively and on a subconscious level, this occurs through words, emotions, and feelings, and the language of the body.

Positive mindset Manifests in the following ways:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Constructive thinking.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Optimism
  • Motivation and desire to get things done and reach goals.
  • An attitude of happiness.

A good attitude can benefit you in a variety of ways, like:

  • To expect success, not a failure.
  • Just make you feel inspired.
  • When you meet challenges on the way, it gives you the courage to not give up.
  • As blessings in disguise, it lets you look upon disappointment and problems.
  • Believing in your ability and yourself.
  • Allow you to display trust and self-esteem.
  • Looking for ideas, rather than focusing on problems.
  • You see and recognize opportunities

A positive attitude leads to success and happiness and can change your entire life. Looking at the bright side of life, you’ll be filled with light all your life. Not only does this light affect you and how you look at the world but it also impacts your atmosphere and the people around you.

Advantages of positive thinking

Too many people’s positive thinking is a way of life and for good reason. It is known that positive thinking and placing optimistic thoughts in your mind offers several real-life benefits that build real value and even boost skill sets and performance.

Work indicates that there is a scientific basis for positive thinking. You can’t change the universe, but the way you view it and how you respond to it will change. And this can shift the way you feel about yourself and others, which in effect will have an immense impact on your health.

Research is starting to reveal that positive thought is far more than just being happy or having an optimistic attitude. Positive thoughts in your life will potentially generate real value and help you develop skills that last longer than a smile.

Developing Habits of Positive Thinking

1. Writing

For three days, a group of undergraduates were asked to write about an incredibly positive experience.

Surprisingly, afterward, they had improved moods and better physical health and the result lasted a long time. It is a pretty easy thing to do: you could write a blog with a focus on good events, for example or keep a diary.

2. Play

It is important to take the time to have fun for yourself.

You might need to put it into your calendar often to compel yourself to make the time, whether it’s to meet a coffee friend or go out for a walk or a bike ride.

Steps to Be More Positive

1.     List happy thoughts

Take 30 minutes and list all the positive thoughts that you might imagine. Just use a sheet of paper and do a long list. Give yourself a pleasant 30 minutes. List the people and places you feel happy about: good friends, favorite holiday destinations, childhood memories, and more. List whatever makes you happy.

2. Be aware of the negative emotions and thoughts

positive-thinking-post-flamingtruthPay attention to your emotions, for the whole week. Whenever you come across something negative, sad, or upsetting to think about or feel, mark the thought “bad.” Don’t worry if you have a lot of unhappy thoughts and emotions all day. This is just absolutely natural. Just lookout, and mark them.

The Commitment for this week: I will mark my negative or upsetting thoughts and emotions this week and replace them with a positive thought.

The amount of negative thoughts and emotions decreases after a few days. It’s almost as if the brain gets irritated being negative because you replace the emotions with positive ones too easily.

How to Become More Positive

A significant factor in overall satisfaction is the ratio of positive to negative feelings. The emotional tone of your thoughts is continuously controlled by your brain — too many negative thoughts and your brain respond by creating tension and depression within your body. When incorporating more optimistic thoughts, the brain will carry peace and happiness. This will make you more confident and efficient. This will make you happy, of all the best.



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