How To Inculcate Positivity In Your Life

Sep 27, 2020 | 3 comments

A good book can change your life forever

If you are looking for a book which will uplift your mood and boost your spirit, Secret-The Power is the one. It’s a self-help book and one of my personal favorites. It is about law of attraction. It is written by Rhonda Byrne. In 2004 after losing her father she became depressed. She then discovered the power of positive thinking and the secret of achieving happiness in life. Hence her first book The Secret was published in 2006 which became successful. After its success she published its sequel Secret-The power in 2010. 2 another books were published later named The Magic and Hero.


You are meant to have an amazing life!!!

We think that 9 to 5 is boring and only few fleeting moments on weekends are good but we are meant to have amazing moment every day. Every day we should be excited to start our day with enthusiasm and think about making the most of our day. We will have problems during the day but we are meant to overcome every obstacle. Whatever you give out in life is what you receive back in life.
We have the habit of remembering bad things that happen during the day instead of focusing on good things whereas people who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than they don’t love. If you are feeling joyful, you give joy and receive back joyful experiences, situations & people. If we do bad things with others then bad things will happen to us in different forms. You have to be happy first then give happiness to receive happy things. It’s all about our present moment, if we live today with positive attitude then we can create a better future.


Desire whatever you want with all your heart!!!

Imagine whatever desires you want with all your heart, feel it passionately and give love to it and receive it. Never have moments of doubts. No matter how much challenging and bad the situation is, always except good. When you change the way you feel you can change any situation you want it to be. It is never too late to change any situation because you can feel good at any time, hence change the situation at any time. Every day is a good opportunity for us to make it an amazing day.

Giving love is important, then we can receive love as well because positive thinking radiates positivity and generates a positive vibe. Do not think anything as impossible to achieve. Think of every unachieved thing as a small dot. Try surrounding yourself with pictures of things that you like to buy. Look at these pictures with love and feel that you have already achieved those things. Use your senses as props like touch, feel etc. If you want to travel to Italy smell Pasta and touch it. Imagine as if you are already there despite of what circumstances you are in.

Be excited for others. If you see other person achieving something great, don’t be jealous; be happy instead, then you will attract happiness in your life too. By being happy for others’ success means you are choosing those things for yourself and bringing into your life. Jealousy will bring negativity in your life and you will not attract anything good in life.  You can also do it for having good qualities of others that you want in your life.


Power of Visualization:

The power of visualization is very important to achieve what you want. Visualization not only make it feel real but it also improves the mood. Making it a habit will definitely work.

Spend at least seven minutes every day to imagine the things you want in your life with all your heart and feel as if you have achieved it. There is in no such thing as a hopeless situation. Always see, hear and talk about things that you love. Every day, make a conscious effort to love everything. If you cannot then do things that you love doing.


Gratefulness is a great multiplier!!!!

Be grateful for small and big things in life, to receive more in life, gratitude is a great multiplier. Giving love does not mean that you let people abuse you. Get yourself on a higher frequency of love and good feeling so that love will resolve any situation for you. Always notice good things in people and turn away from the things that you do not love. If a person speak and does bad to you then try your best to change the negative situation, simply walk away and spend couple of minutes looking for things you love, you can also think about the things you love in the person who upset you.

Also be grateful for having those people in life. It would be difficult to do that. But those negative people in your life will allow you to think about spending time with positive people and will definitely make you understand the worth of important people in your life. Be grateful for all the past experiences and people of your life. Be grateful for everything you are receiving now in life. Also be grateful for the things that you will receive in future as though you have achieved it already.

Gratitude not only brings more but it also removes negativity from your life. Every second of your life is a great opportunity for you to be grateful and bring more love in your life. Even if you are driving, walking, going from your kitchen to bedroom, be grateful as gratitude will not cost you anything but it will be worth more than all the riches in the entire world.


Your life is a movie!!!

Your life is no less than a fiction movie. Observe each and every moment and action. Each and every moment is giving a message. Even if two strangers are talking to each other, it means they are giving a message. If you read a sign board, read it carefully. You are on the same frequency. If you see around people are happy, it means you are on the same frequency.


Play with your imagination!!!

It is very important to play with your imagination. If a person wants to be a cyclist and win a world tour but he is in hospital then he should imagine every day that he is going for the race and his medical team is actually his cycling team and he imagines winning the race. He will soon notice that he will get better and will be healthy enough to take part in a cycling game. By attracting positivity he will soon get opportunities that will make him take part in games and win also.


Say Yes to Money!!!

If you want more money in life, give love to money. Be grateful for the less money you have. If you are walking on the streets, look at the faces of all the needy people on the streets, imagine and feel giving money to them and feel love. This will not only boost your mood but it will also create circumstances in life that you will have abundance of money. Giving charity is a very good example. Give money to people without any intention of receiving back money in any form. Just give money out of love. You will see how your circumstances will change.


What if we try to look for positivity and we are surrounded with negative people?

Every day we learn new things. We sometimes face people who are difficult to deal with. Imagine people as Personal Emotional trainers. It’s the tough one who makes us stronger and determined to choose love no matter what. If we come across someone tough at our workplace and if there is a tough person that you have to deal with on daily basis, consider that person as a PET because being with such people will allow you to choose love. You will then think about being with people with whom you can be with and be happy. You can then not regret of your experience with the tough ones. Because if you become aware you will notice that everything, every person & situation give us a message.


Make a written list of things you love!!!

If you are feeling low, you want to change the way you feel, make a mental list of things you love. Make a habit of making a written list of the things you love at the start of every month. Do it for 3 months.


Power of Now!!!!        

Present moment is everything. Thinking about past or future will not help. Most of the times people think about their past and regret but thinking negative will spread negative vibes and then there will be no room for positivity. Most people also think about future and become anxious. By doing this they do not stay in the present moment and do not enjoy it. We can pay brief visits to past and future in a practical way. Any planning for future or improving past mistakes are done in present. So focus should be in present. Focus should be on action rather than thinking about past or future. All you have is the present moment, nothing exists out of the now. Enjoy every moment of your life to its fullest.



So what are you waiting for? It is never too late, you can feel good at any moment and change your situations. Get yourself this book and change how you feel forever!!!!




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  1. Aayat

    Amazing article,nicely written, made me read the book……really helpful, thanks

    • Huma

      This is my favourite website.I enjoy the content including this.

  2. Amal

    I have the Secret book.. it’s amazing how this book has changed my perspective of life! I am glad to see there are more people who were positively affected by it as well 🙂
    I really like how you explained.


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