Why Should You Read?

Sep 12, 2020 | 0 comments

Why would you bother yourself by reading a book when you can watch a video of it? Reading has become a dying habit in today’s fast-paced world because there is a fast alternative for consumers. 

Reading is food for the brain that does like a body needs food to sustain and function optimally. Our brain continues learning new things to operate at peak performance. According to a research, reading has the power to change your brain structure, which means you become more empathetic. It also improves cognitive processes. You become smarter since you are consuming a lot of information, and you keep your brain in top shape. Let me mention a quote from a famous show, “Game Of Thrones” that,

” My brother has his sword, King Robert has his War-hammer, and I have my mind- and my mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep it’s edge.”

By reading, you become better at conversations. Books help expand our vocabulary, which you can use to express yourself better, refine your speech and sound intelligent. Since reading widens your knowledge, you are empowered to participate in an intellectual conversation. You can add a unique perspective or hold your own in an argument. Reading nonfiction can be a better choice because these topics show up more often in a regular conversation. But fiction has its place in the world of reading. Like a new popular movie based on the book, and you can read the source material. It seems interesting, right!

Think about how much a successful person’s knowledge is worth. A book is the exact words, ideas, mindsets, advice, and even the author’s experience that he put into collecting papers. It seems if the person is right next to you speaking to you.

About 75% of the millionaires reported that they read at least two books a month. The knowledge you can get from the reading is irreplaceable.

Reading increases your focus and concentration. In our fastest world, our attention span is concise. Reading a book is the solution to that. Because when you read, your intention is only to focus on the story and you can be fully immersive. You could achieve a flow where you are 100% focused and forget about your surroundings.

Try reading about 20 to 30 minutes before going to work. You will probably find yourself more productive and focused at the office.

As a reader, you will interact with different stories and different characters having different ideas and beliefs. It helps open your mind and make you more accepting of others and improve your ability to judge the characters. Eventually, reading helps you unlock the human and enables you to think broadly.

Reading helps you to relax. Many people read books just for their relaxation because of the fine pieces in it. When you read a right subject, your mind feels more relaxed, and your reading might bring in peace. You can experience the visual of images and sound with imagination just as you are watching a movie. The feeling you get from finishing a book is much better than spending a movie.

Reading will also increase your memory and help you make better decisions. You can make educated guesses on how its toys will play out in the pit; that’s one you like to best.

Reading can help you to have a better sleep. It is always hard to sleep when there is a lot of stuff going on in your mind. Reading and pushing away what is bothering you internally. Because of smartphones at night, our sleep-wake cycle will eventually affect us because the bright lights signal our mind to wake up.

You become what you mean to be by making a habit of reading. It is a bit cheesy, but reading can actually change your personality or even your beliefs.

Books are an entirely new world for us to grow and develop our personality. Reading, like running, reading can be a form of meditation. With all of the distractions, people have massive problems with concentration. I am sure you have too, just like I have. Because in a short span, the average person will divide their time between working, setting emails and chatting with the people who are using their smartphones. This type of behavior raises the stress level and bring about loss of productivity. When you read out a book, all of your attention is on the story.

There are also a lot of misconceptions about reading. Many people think that you read to retain information because, in school, that is what they teach you to do. Read the textbook and memorize it because we are going to test you on it. It is not reading. It is studying. And in reality, we read to train our minds just as we work out to train our bodies. Instead of breaking down muscle fiber, we rewire our neurons, the threads of our brain, into the more aligned version of our self. Like how you work out in the gym to become more capable of lifting weights, reading a book will make your brain more stable in raising the value of life. But this brain training required consistency. Therefore people with extraordinary Minds train their minds regularly by reading.

The other misconception about reading is that it is boring. That’s by the people who love to read my face. But in reality, it is that habit you should be adopt because it will give you the benefit that will bring you to the pick. 

So do enjoy reading if you’re already a reader but if not, believe me, you will have the element of love for reading.

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