Why people give up on their goals?

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After setting a goal in your life, you have two options. Either pick yourself up to the success or give up. Sadly, many people choose the first one due to several reasons. They are very enthusiastic initially, but later on, they give up due to a lack of perseverance. This article is all about why people give up on their goals.

Some people give up due to a lack of confidence. They give up thinking what people will say if they fail?

While some others give up even initially because they set goals that are unachievable and unrealistic, here we will discuss some fundamental reasons why people give up their path of achieving their goals.

Grounds why people give up on their goals

1-Lack of hard work

The first and foremost way to get success and achieve your goal is to work hard. There is no substitute for hard work. Without hard work, you can never attain your dreams, no matter how much more comfortable they are.

An average person has no habit of hard work. He may work a maximum of 10 hours a day. At the same time, it requires more than it to succeed in achieving the goals of life. If you want to accomplish your aim, you have to put all your efforts into this purpose.

Achievement of a goal requires untiring efforts. If you look at all successful people, you will find that they all had hard-working habits. For example, bill gates used to work 16 hours a day.

So, If you can not work hard, stop thinking that you will achieve your goal.

2-Not willing to come out of comfort zone

If you are not ready to come out of your comfort zone and spending an inactive life, you will never succeed. In this modern era, life is like a race. The one who makes efforts gets something. Those who are waiting for the opportunity will lag.

So you must come out of your comfort zone and make efforts in a real sense to achieve your goal. Please don’t wait for an opportunity; create it by your actions.

3-Lack of perseverance

Instant success has always been a myth. You can never achieve your goal in a day or such a short period. It is still a time taking process. It requires long term and untiring efforts.

People notice a look at the achievements of a person. They are unaware of the efforts and hard work behind the success of that person.

Mere hard work can do nothing. Perseverance is a necessary ingredient. Most of the people are excited in the beginning and also work hard. But it is short term. After the passage of some time, they lose courage and give up. They lose all the zeal and zest they had in the beginning.

So it would help if you worked hard and it should be of long term; otherwise, it will be of no use.

4-Lack of practical efforts

Some people have a problem. They spend much of their time while planning about their goal. But when it comes to the start of work practices, they are lagging. They don’t have the potential to do work practically.

Finally, they give up even at the start thinking that it is a difficult task and will not perform it.


It is necessary to remove negativity and negative thoughts from your life. Some people have the potential to achieve their goals, but negative thinking causes obstacles in their path. They think that they can not do it. When they fail, they accept it quickly as it was expected.

On the other hand, an optimistic person faces failure; he doesn’t give up and tries to find solutions.

So promote optimism in your life, as it plays a vital role in achieving your goal.

6-Listening to others who discourage you

When you listen and give importance to the people who discourage you, it has a terrible impact on your success path. They tell you that you can do that task as that is very difficult to perform.

Try not to give importance to negative opinions from others. You know yourself better than anyone else. You know better than how much potential you have and what kind of goals you can achieve. Follow what your mind says instead of listening to detractors. Thus you will succeed in the achievement of your destination.

7-Choosing vague goals

Many people are even not clear about their goals. Their thoughts change from time to time. With changing ideas, they change their aims and objectives also.

Lack of clearance of goals is a significant obstacle on the path of success. The thing you need to do in this regard is that keep yourself clear about your purpose. Choose a smart goal and start working on it without any further delay. Stick to it unless you achieve it.


Most of the people do not want to do humble or low paid work. They avoid situations in which they are forced to do humble work.

Many successful entrepreneurs started their work by selling goods door to door, and today they are successful.

So, in the beginning, you should not avoid doing humble work. It would help if you embraced all the things.


Why people give up their goals? The answer contains many reasons. Giving up is a significant cause of failure to achieve goals. You can avoid it through the measures told above. Along with hard work, perseverance is also a necessary thing. Don’t give importance to detractors, because they will demotivate you.

Never expect quick results or gains because the achievement of a goal is a long term process. Moreover, a smart choice of destination is also necessary. Never choose an unrealistic or unachievable goal. Once you chose a plan, stick to it. Never give up and keep working hard until you achieve your goal successfully.



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