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How To Stay Motivated

Sep 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Every person in this world has some goals, aims, or a destination to reach there. Someone wants to lose weight while someone is struggling with studies and tries to discover ways that motivate him to study or someone wants to buy a new home or car, and the list goes on. Now, the question is how to stay motivated.

To achieve these goals, people try, they work, and somehow attain them. But it does not happen with everyone. A few people acquire their dreams through self-motivation and the other major percentage do not know how to stay motivated to work for their aims.

Because at some time motivation starts vanishing, people start losing their interest no matter how much passion they had when starting. At this moment, our efforts need to be re-triggered.

So, if you are going through the same phase, then don’t worry; you are at the right place where you can find the solution to your problem that ‘How to motivate yourself’ or ‘How to stay motivated’.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know:

  • What is motivation?
  • Why is motivation important?
  • Sources that you can use to stay motivated
  • How to stay motivated?

What is motivation?

Motivation is a kind of stimulation that helps us to work for our goals. It is a process that designs our path to success with guidance, small steps to follow and enthusiasm.

Say, for example, you are going through some emotional obstacle and you have a lot of work to get done. At that time you need a drive that could assess you to trounce that emotional setback away and start working. That drive is your motivation.

Why motivation is important

You cannot turn your dreams into reality without motivation. Every goal has some motivation behind it whether it be intrinsic or extrinsic. Here are some reasons for you to figure out why motivation is important.

  • Clears your mind and paves the way to follow a clear vision

Motivation clears the mind from all doubts that one could have and straightens a defined and goal-oriented path towards aims.

  • Helps in overcoming hurdles, fears and setbacks

It aids to grapple with inner fears, setbacks that hinder someone from chugging along towards his destination.
Every human being suffers in his life according to his potential. And for some of them, these setbacks prove to be an obstacle on the track of their success. They find it tough to move on. At this juncture, motivation does its work. Sometimes, a few words of a motivational speaker or any other motivation source can trigger their inner potential.

  • You start believing in yourself

When you come to know all the rules to hunt for your dreams and the required guidance to deal with circumstances, it builds self-confidence in yourself. And when one believes in oneself, goal-achievement becomes relatively easy.

How to stay (or get) motivated?

1. Jot down your goals to stay motivated

Note all of your goals on a paper and stick it onto the wall beside your study table or where you can read it often. Read that list every day. This will remind you why you had started. When you remember the reason, you get motivation.

2. Break your goals into small milestones for getting motivation

Give time to plan for your goal, then break it in small steps. Just like the saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” following those small milestones, eventually, you will reach your destination. But make the whole plan very realistic. Don’t overburden yourself.

3. Start today

Terminate procrastination from your life. If you are to start, start it today. No tomorrow, or after tomorrow; just today. it will stimulate you to follow your final destination.

4. Stop telling yourself that you cannot do it

Continuously telling yourself that you cannot do it consumes half of your energy. Ponder that what will you deliver with the rest energy. So, stop this practice and start telling yourself that you can and will do it.

5. Stay consistent by taking regular motivation

To stay motivated, keep taking a regular dose of motivation. It could be a YouTube video, some quotes, an inspirational talk from where you can get motivation.

6. Read inspirational quotes and stories to boost your motivation

Stories of successful people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or even any successful person in your locality, might be relatable to you. Listen to their success process; read their stories for inspiration. Thus, it can assist you to know your path and strategies to make effort for your aim.

7. Stay positive through the whole process

Say a big NO to any sort of negativity. Stay positive throughout the process because it holds a kind of power in it that keeps you on a high energy level. Furthermore, your positive vibes prove to be lucrative for the people around you.

8. Cutoff distractions to focus on your goal

That’s another most important rule to stay motivated. You must do it for yourself. Cut off all your distractions; be its excessive use of mobile phone, laptop, your PlayStation or whatever that is stealing your precious time from you. this will make your time productive and help you to get stimulation.

9. Don’t overburden yourself

Don’t overburden your mind. Keep a good balance between your work, study and social life. Neither be too anti-social nor be a busy bee. Balance in life keeps you fresh and resultantly productive and motivated.

10. Spend quality time with yourself

In the end, it is also equally necessary for you to spend quality time with yourself. Do self-evaluation. Take a cup of tea or coffee and sit alone with yourself for some time. It will reveal on you about what things you have to change for a better version of yourself.

Keep upgrading yourself, stay motivated.

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