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Babar Azam controversy (Babar Azam and Haamiza)

Nov 28, 2020 | 0 comments

Babar Azam is a name to which almost every Pakistani is familiar. He is a 26 years old renowned cricketer, who started his career participating in the Pakistan ODI home series against Zimbabwe and now plays for Karachi Kings in Pakistan Super League (PSL). Moreover, he is the captain of Central Punjab cricket team. To add to his achievements, he is the only player in the top five ICC rankings.

A controversy about the famous cricketer, who is heading towards more success in his career, is roaming about and that started with the press conference of a girl, named Haamiza who belongs to Lahore.

She claims that Babar Azam misused her financially and physically. In a press conference, she demanded justice for herself after her sexual and financial exploitation.

She allegedly said that Babar and she know each other since their school days. Babur proposed her but their families showed no willingness. In 2011, she left her parents’ house and ran with him after Babar made a false promise of getting married to her in court. They kept living in different rented houses in Lahore. Two of those houses, which she mentioned, were in Gulberg Model colony street no. 2 and Punjab Housing society, Defence. During the whole duration, Babar kept using her both financially and physically but did not marry her despite her insistence on marriage.

According to her, in 2016 she became pregnant and told Babar. Babar along with his two friends, one cousin and his younger brother made her go through an abortion. Afterwards, he asked her to settle with her parents and ensured her that soon he would marry her, but he did not do so. Haamiza settled the dispute with her parents and started living with them. After that Babar continued the same process of ignoring her assertion of getting married and abusing her physically.

In 2017, the girl filed a police complaint against Babar and he reconciled with her. After that, he once again started using her for almost three years and now he has completely refused to marry her. That is why, the girl, named Haamiza had to go for a press conference against him.

In the response to a question from a reporter, she said that she had not been silent during those years. She knocked on the door of law but got no help.

In that conference, she demanded justice for herself and punishment for Babar.

This is all that the girl told in a press conference against Babar Azam. Obviously, this is one side of the story, but still, a lot of questions are being raised about the matter. Whether this whole story is a fake scandal to just disgrace the cricketer when he is on the top of his career, or Haamiza’s allegations are true? What will happen next?

This situation will only be clarified after Babar’s response and precise investigation of the matter. Because it is a matter of one’s life and the other’s career. In the end, we hope the right one gets justice.

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