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The Beauty Standards in Pakistan Nowadays

Jan 12, 2022 | 6 comments

The beauty standards in Pakistan nowadays; if you have fair skin, congratulations! You are beautiful.
Unfortunately, in our society, we witness or hear a lot about this issue every day. Somewhere a girl asks some beauty blogger about how to have a lighter skin colour instantly and at the same time, a girl is rejected merely for having dark skin. These are only two examples but enough to know about Pakistani beauty standards. Cosmetic companies earn billions in the name of fair skin, fooling people, especially young girls and boys as well.

Now, it is time to change this “Gora rang” standard of beauty in Pakistan.

Why do we need to change the standard?

This so-called beauty standard is playing a key role in leading our youth to depression.

Our media is not playing a less negative role in this subject. If we talk about media advertisements of beauty products, we see a clear picture of idealizing a girl with “fair complexion” as a beauty diva.

What Impact does it have on people?

It means that it is being fed into the minds of people that only fair skin is acceptable as a “beauty thing”. If you are dark, you are worthless. Ridiculous!

Girls and boys, who don’t meet the standard of beauty, face problems everywhere they go whether it is school, college, or the workplace. And when it comes to marriage proposals, most often they (especially girls) are rejected.

They feel a societal burden dominating their personalities and sometimes it badly affects their abilities. They try to find shortcuts to overcome the “incompetence” (according to our society).

And the most reachable solution to this problem in our country is toxic fairness creams, which cause more harm than good.

Why are these cheap creams harmful?

Mercury is the main ingredient of these creams. And in almost all the creams, including Faiza Beauty cream, Golden Pearl etc. the added amount of mercury is more than the recommended amount that is 1ppm. Even dermatologists do not recommend the use of any product containing a high amount of mercury for a longer period.

In 2019, the minister of climate change, Zartaj Gul was seen taking action against these beauty mafias. A list was issued in which 56 out of 59 creams were declared harmful.

A few severe effects are listed below:

  • Skin Cancer
  • Severe itching and redness on the skin
  • Permanent thinning of the skin
  • Permanent pigmentation and pimples etc.

The standards that should be considered as ‘beauty standards’

We need to change the definition of beauty. The real beauty should be that lies within one’s heart. Today if we change our minds towards this, tomorrow people will follow us.

Here are some qualities that can be taken as “the actual beauty standards”:

  1. A kind heart
  2. Generosity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Charming Personality
  5. Knowledge etc.

Moreover, we must not ignore self-care and self-love. We also should change the perception that taking care of skin means getting “fair complexion”. No! Taking care of skin means getting healthy and fresh skin.

What is Actual skincare?

It means to make your skin healthy from the inside out.

If you like fair colour, that’s not bad. What’s worse is the way you try to change your skin colour (using toxic fairness creams). You cannot change your skin colour, but you can take care of it to make it healthy and fresh.

Use natural and healthy ways to take care of your skin instead.

Follow a healthy skin regime!

Here I will tell you a few very effective skincare steps that are quite easy and effective for making your skin healthy.

Step 1: Eat Healthily

You are what you eat. When you eat healthily, it shines through your skin. Try to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat. It makes a difference in your skin’s condition.

  • Fruits and vegetables contain various vitamins that are essential for healthy skin.
  • Meat contains zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, thiamine etc. that is good not only for your skin but also for your overall health.

Step 2: Drink juices

Juices make your skin healthy and add color to dead looking skin. Besides, they detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system. It results in having a good skin texture.

Step 3: Use a good face wash

A variety of face washes are available in the market. You can get a good one according to your skin type. Wash your face with it twice a day.

Step 3: Use a scrub once a week

Furthermore, you should use a scrub once a week. It removes all the dead skin and helps to rejuvenate skin. Don’t overdo it and also apply moisturizer after scrubbing.

Step 4: Spray rose water all over your face and neck

It is a natural product and keeps your skin healthy and shiny. Take a spray bottle; fill it with rose water and after washing your face, spray it all over the face.

Step 5: Use Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is another booster of healthy skin that helps to remove tan from your skin. Also, you can see the following article to know more about the benefits of Aloe Vera.

5 Things Nobody Told You about Aloe Vera

Step 6: Use a good sunscreen with SPF 50+

Every dermatologist recommends sunscreen to prevent skin damage by ultraviolet rays of Sun. So, use good sunscreen to save skin from sun damage.

Step 7: Use a good moisturizer

Use a good moisturizer according to your skin type. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Step 8: Remove all makeup at night

When you sleep without cleaning your face, makeup sets into pores and can cause pimples, allergies etc.

In Conclusion:

Every other person in Pakistan is obsessed with fair skin. People try harmful ways to change their skin color. We need to change our mentality towards skin complexion and so the Pakistani beauty standards. Every complexion is beautiful if taken care of.

Prefer caring for your skin over changing your skin color.

You are beautiful in your own way.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Sadaf zain

    ❤️Amazing keep it up

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    Amazing description on an issue flowing in our society , i believe this will make a change in minds of reader .

  3. Yusra Moeen

    Its time to change this standard of beauty.

    • Zahra

      Well done 👍

  4. Fizza Khan

    What a comprehensive and beautifully written article it is.Truly, it’s time to change the beauty standards and embracing ourselves just the way we are. Fair skin doesn’t describe us but our values, skills and confidence really do. We need to discover the beauty inside us.
    Thank you so much for raising this issue. Hope this can help to educate people.

  5. Mishii

    Such a good description on a major issue … Day by Day skin issues raising complexity in people so they start using harmful products .
    Such a well explained artical…keep it up 😍 it will help people to understand


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