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Career Counseling in Pakistan

Sep 11, 2020 | 0 comments

 As students grow old, their ambitions grow mature but most of them still have their first grade dreams, becoming a pilot, being an actor, etc. And they have no one to guide them through that process. They get into any university they think is the best option for them and evidently, a lot of them regret their decisions and wish they’d someone in their lives to help them. Career Counselling in Pakistan which is highly important for the child’s growth, mentally. You could have a 22 years old student with the mind of a kid, still.

Benefits of Career Counselling

See, what career counselors can do is pore through that mind. Give them some general idea of what career path is right for them and why to choose it. Almost in every country, this is available for students and they use it to their advantage. But here, you can’t. Our schools can provide us the best knowledge possible but when it comes to making their lives, there is just little to no feedback.
Things keep going that way and students are forced by pressure from family and friends. They ultimately choose a good career path, but it is not good for them. Suppose your kid had a brilliant, artistic mind and wanted to go into fine arts but didn’t know what to do about it and because of peer pressure. He went ahead and became a doctor.
You see how wrong that was? His whole life destroyed over a career he never wanted, to begin with. Surrounded by his family’s pressure, society’s cruel eye. He strived hard to be the best he could at something he never wanted and slowly with that mental fatigue, he not only got severe depression, he had to be hospitalized. That is how important career counselling can be.

People’s Experiences

Fasieh, a sixth semester student at University of Central Punjab said, “I honestly was never sure of what to do with my life and seeing all my friends excel in life, while I stayed behind, and my father so disappointed in me, I just had to do something and that is why I chose Computer Science but it has been two years and I haven’t really fit in. I’m behind on my courses too because I just rarely understand it. But at least I’m doing something, right?”. He couldn’t speak any further as tear came rolling down his cheeks.

Another student, Amna from Lahore College, “I didn’t ever want to do medical. I was so passionate for English Literature but my family just forced me into this and I regret that I didn’t have anyone to speak to about this and not live my life with regrets.”

Personal Opinion

Well, I, myself would have certainly hoped to have a counselor by my side as I made my life-changing decision but I didn’t either. This is very alarming. One needs to be appointed at every college. As much as teachers shape the mind of the students, counselors help them navigate it in the right direction.

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