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Crises In Pakistan – Why Pakistan is going down the drain?

Oct 22, 2020 | 0 comments

There are several crises causing Pakistan going down the drain. Although , efforts made to overcome the problems being faced by Pakistan are appreciable, but there are several challenges which needs immediate fixing.

Crises In Pakistan

Here , we will discuss some of these crises in Pakistan.

Economic crisis

The first and foremost cause of regression of Pakistan is economic crisis. Pakistan is 5th most populous country of the world. It has an economy of $245billion. Economy of a country has prime importance in it’s progress. In contrast with the history, nowadays , nations are more likely to go through economic prism.

Economic crisis in Pakistan is a result of accumulation of several other problems which Pakistan is continuously facing from decades. For example rapidly growing population, water scarcity, mismanagement of resources, no development in agriculture, which is the backbone of an agricultural country like Pakistan. These are the major causes of economic crisis in Pakistan which needs immediate fixing.

Political instability

The rule of law and justice is the only way to maintain it’s stability and pave the way to progress. But, unfortunately Pakistan faced the lack of political instability since it came into being.

The political unrest caused collapse of several governments. Governments, after being failed , instead of accepting failure try to blame others and give new policies without considering the mistakes they did in the past.


Corruption in Pakistan is widespread and there are several reasons behind it ,one of them is the lack of true leadership by political parties. Political parties prefer their own interests over national interests.

According to  a latest report released by Transparency International in 2020 , Pakistan is facing more corruption today as compared to that it was facing in 2018. There is dire need of anti-corruption and accountability reforms to overcome this problem.


Feudalism and landlord culture in Pakistan is also one of the major causes of it’s deterioration. Landlord culture is majorly present in Sindh and some areas of southern Punjab.

Landlords having power in their areas, directly influence the politics, revenue generation, police system and judicial administration. We need to tackle this problem to save the country from deterioration.

Energy Crisis In Pakistan

Pakistan is one the most energy crisis effected countries. The main cause of which is inability to use the resources in a mannered way. For example, inability to store water due to lack of dams is one of the major causes of energy crisis.

Political parties do not have any plan to construct new dams or even maintain the older ones.


The mentioned problems are major causes of regression of Pakistan. These problems if not tackled timely , may have devastating effects on the country’s way to progress. So , it is the need of hour for government and all policy makers to keep in view these problems while making policies.




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