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Obesity: Mother Of All Diseases | Causes And Preventions

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Development in technology has made the life inactive and immobile resulting in several diseases. Obesity is one of these diseases and root cause of many other diseases.

Today people lead a luxurious life as compared to life in the past ages. Today most of the tasks are done by machines which people used to do by themselves in the past. Technology has made the life easier on one hand, it has created several problems on the other hand.

What Is Obesity?

Excess accumulation of fats under skin or around the body organs is said to be obesity. It is the cause of several health risks and fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression and cardiovascular diseases(heart diseases). fatness is a widespread and rapidly fasting disease.

Stats related to this disease:

  • According to a survey, in 2000 almost 2.4 percent of total adolescents(10-19 years old) were affected from fatness. While in 2016 their number was increased to 6 percent of the total adolescents worldwide.
  • In 2013 fatness rate in US children was measured to be 17.9 percent. While in 2016 it was noted to be 20 percent, a noteworthy increase in rates.
  • Another survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 39 percent of the adults worldwide are affected from corpulence.

Causes Of Obesity

1-Taking high calorie diet

Eating heavy food with large amount of calories is  a major cause of corpulence. According to a research an active woman needs 2000 calories daily, while an active man needs almost 2500 calories on daily basis. If anyone of them takes calorie more than the required amount, it accumulated as fat in the body leading to obesity.

2-Eating more junk food

Each and every person nowadays is fond of eating fast food and drinking soft drinks. It has become  a trend. However, this bad habit is not developed within a day, rather it is developed gradually. Parents play an important role in this regard, because children learn everything from their parents. So these bad eating habits cause corpulence.

3-Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol contains high calories. If you drink too much alcohol, you are more vulnerable to obesity.

4-Inactive Life Style

Today people spend most of their time sitting. Some of them are doing online jobs whole day, others spend most of the time in front of television of browsing internet. This kind of inactive and immobile life style results in corpulence.

5-Lack of exercises

Today we can see everybody leading a very busy life. Everyone is busy in his job and has no free time, if has then wastes it in useless activities like watching television or using social media. He has no time for exercises like cycling, sports, jogging and such other healthy activities. This lack of exercises is one of the major causes of fatness.

6-Some medical conditions which may cause obesity

Some of medical conditions may also cause fatness. Here are two examples

  1. Hypothyroidism, a condition in which thyroid gland does not produce enough hormone.
  2. Cushing’s disease, a condition in which there is over production of steroid hormone.

7-Lack of sleep

If you are not taking sufficient sleep, it may cause hormonal imbalance resulting in increased appetite. Thus increase in appetite leads towards obesity.

8-Stressful situations

Most of the time people facing stress situation want high calorie diet which may result in obesity.

Harmful Effects Of Obesity On Human Health

Obesity has countless harmful effects on human health. Some of these effects are as under.

  • sleep apnea i.e. irregular breathing during sleep.
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood cholesterol
  • shortness of breath
  • low confidence
  • depression
  • tiredness
  • sleep disorders
  • inactiveness
  • osteoarthritis: stiffness and pain in joints

A survey showed that obesity on the average reduces the life expectancy by 3 to 10 years and 1 out of 13 deaths takes place in US is due to obesity.

Diagnosis Of Obesity

It is diagnosed by calculating Body mas index(BMI) which is obtained through your height and weight. If your BMI is greater than 30 ,it means that you are obese. Technically it means that your body’s weight is 30 times more than the ideal weight.

People having more weight around their waist are at at higher risks of obesity as compared to those having more weight at hips and thighs.

Men having waist more than 40 and women having waist more than 35 are at greater risk of  diseases.

How to ring capacity under control?

Treatment and medication

Medications are used in severe cases when other methods are not working. If body mass index(BMI)

is more than 27,then medication either controls fat absorption or reduce appetite.


Surgical options are used for those having BMI more than 35-40.Portions of stomach are cut to shrink its size. Thus controlling fat absorption, helps in controlling the obesity.

Preventive measures you can take to control obesity

As we know that prevention is better than cure. By taking preventive measures, you can control obesity at initial stages so that it may not cause severe problems later on. Some of the preventive measures you can take to control obesity include.

1-Exercises on regular basis

Regular exercises for almost 150 to 300 minutes a week may help you greatly to overcome the obesity through fat breakdown in body. It is not necessary that you do exercises consecutively for 150 minutes, rather you can split it into 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week.

2-Health eating plan

Healthy eating plan may also help you overcome the obesity. If you are eating low calorie diet and taking more vegetables and fruits in your diet, you have more chances to control obesity. Similarly consuming less quantity of alcohol as well as sweet drinks may also help in this regard.

3-Checking your weight regularly

It has been observed that people who used to check their weight regularly(for example once a week),were more successful in reducing their weight. So, you can also do so.

4-Strictly follow the weight plan

If you want to control obesity in a true sense, you must follow the weight plan at any cost. In this way you will be able to get successful long-term effects.


Obesity is mother of all diseases. Control it as soon as possible. There is no quick way to overcome obesity. It takes time as well as commitment. If you are committed to overcome obesity, you will have to take yourself out of lethargic life and comfort zone. You will have to adopt an active life style by doing regular aerobic exercises.

You must follow the above mentioned preventive measures to control obesity at its initial stage. Because, if not prevented at initial stage, it may lead towards deadly diseases. Then it will be useless to cry over spilt milk.


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