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Palestine-Israel conflict | The Future of Palestine

Sep 29, 2020 | 1 comment

It has been about 70 years that Palestine’s land is a victim of social and political chaos within the country. That chaos inaugurated with the immigration of Jews from all over Europe to Palestine.

In the beginning, it was an Arab-Israel issue. During the whole period, three Arab-Israel wars have been fought in 1948, 1967, 1973. Israel won all the battles due to the strong support of Britain. And not only Israel won those wars but also captured Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, and Syria.

A turning point came after the Arab-Israel war (1973). An agreement named “David Camp agreement” was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1978. According to that accord, Israel returned the captured land of Egypt, and, in return, Egypt recognized the existence of Israel. Hence Egypt became the first Arab country to acknowledge Israel as a separate state.

Thus, the Arab-Israel war turned into “The Palestine-Israel conflict.”

What is the Palestinians’ cause?

In starting, Palestine’s only representative was the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and the simple goal of Palestine was to get a liberated Palestine. But lately, the Palestinian cause got divided when different factions like Hamas and Fatah came into existence.

About five million Palestinians had to leave their homes during all this chaos and migrate to Jordan, Turkey, Syria, etc. They are still living the life of refugees despite having their homeland.

Palestine is so divided over different causes that it is quite arduous to resolve the issue. Some Palestinians assist “Two nation theory” leading to a separate state for Palestinians. Simultaneously, the other group wants a unified democratic state giving equal rights to all of its citizens regardless of their religion.

Arab Countries’ Behavior

Arab countries are turning from “boycott of Israel” to “normalization of ties with Israel” as UAE and Bahrain have recently recognized Israel as a sovereign state. USA -being the deal broker- is portraying the deals as a positive step towards the peace-making mission. But in actual, it is not. It may cost Palestine’s cause.

Now, the question arises that what is the intention behind this normalization?

Some Arab countries such as Sudan, Oman are taking this step as a positive initiative for a viable Palestine. While the other states are condemning the act. Other Arab countries can follow the footprints of the UAE and Bahrain in maintaining good relations with Israel. It is a kind of diplomatic triumph for Israel.

Palestine’s reaction

Palestinians are not happy with the normalization-move of Arab countries. However, they take it as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause. Both Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas have cursed the step.

 Muslim organizations and the deals

Muslim organizations, OIC and Arab League, have failed to reach any solution to this matter. As there are two significant blocks after the recent move of UAE and Bahrain. The first is supporting the decision to make diplomatic ties with Israel, while the other is having the opposite perspective.

At this juncture, the only thing is disintegration in the organizations that can be seen.


  • At this point where Palestine is feeling isolated, the whole Muslim Ummah needs unity.
  • Palestinians must be given a proper platform where they can vocalize their issues.
  • Palestine should have a united cause.
  • Keeping in view the history and the present situation, the UN should resolve the issue in line with international law.
  • The Arab states that are promoting peace with Israel must explain their stance behind such deals.
  • There must not be any deal that ignores the Palestinian nation’s rights or any human rights in the region.


Whatever the sensible solution to this decades-long conflict is must be brought into light by peace-keeping organizations. There must be an end to this disorder. Because the people of Palestine have suffered a lot, and peace of the Middle East depends on the resolution of the “Palestine-Israel conflict.”


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  1. Fizza Sameen

    This is an interesting and engaging article.The higher authoties should consider such issues and should take necessary steps to resolve them asap.


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