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Going in the future

Sep 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Ibrahim was playing in his backyard when he heard a very loud shout. He ran and ran and ran until he reached a very deep well. A young boy was down there. He tried to grab him by the hand, but suddenly someone pushed him in the well . He held onto a brick and then he saw who pushed him, it was the 7 year old boy he tried to rescue. Butthen the boy pushed him harder into the well. But ALAS, this time he was too shocked too respond. Then he hit the ground with a loud THUMP!!!!  and he was unconscious.

When Ibrahim woke up, he was in a  totally new world! He thought that he had been teleported to another world. Also he was invisible to to all of the other creatures, that were actually humans. For a while his body was trembling with fear but then suddenly he had the passion to explore the world.

He did not need to hide because he was actually invisible.

Ibrahim entered a house the same one like his house. He saw that everyone’s rooms had big curtains in it. As he removed the curtains from their place and there appeared a big screen. Then the curtains slid back in place.

A boy the same age as his came into the room. He saw the curtains automatically move from their place there was an old man talking in the same language as Ibrahim’s. The old man talked to his grandson whose name was probably Omer. After the finishing of the telegram a robot appeared in the room saying that the letter was from IBRAHIM HASSAN which was Ibrahim’s full name.

He wondered that maybe this was his future. Suddenly the boy in the caught hold of him and started shaking him roughly. How did my invisibility wore off he wondered. The boy called the robot near him and pressed a button named “WELL”. Then the boy threw him into the well. Ibrahim yelled help, help but it was of no use. Someone started shaking him hard  just like the boy. Now he landed on the floor of the well with a loud THUMP!!!! And now he was unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, he was back in his time. His dad was shaking him and saying that he was late for school. After dinner, he recited his adventure to the whole family but then his mother said that he was asleep the WHOLE time.

And he was ASTOUNDED to hear that because he looooved his future dream.

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