The close call
Written by Malaika Shahab


Currently In Middle School.

The Close Call

Sep 20, 2020 | 0 comments

It all started on a sunny Sunday morning.”Today’s weekend!” said Peter, enthusiastic about going to Holiday Island today. “And we are going with Lily and James.” added Polly, Peter’s twin sister. Olive, their 2 years old sister who also felt the excitement, beamed and jumped around her mother.  “Come on now. Breakfast is ready” said Mrs. Carson placing the pancakes and fresh watermelon juice on the dining table. Breakfast was usually a time when Polly and Peter would discuss all their school work with their dad but today was different. Today they were going to the beach known for its beauty and fun. Today they kept discussing what activities they would do. “Dad! I am super exited!” exclaimed Polly. “I want to do the activity they call Surfer! ” said Peter, his eyes shining.

It was now half past three and everyone was getting ready to go. They usually never went to the beach in school days, they would have gone when their summer vacation started but this one was a surprise their parents had planned. Their friends were also coming to the beach. The family climbed into the car and off they went. They headed towards the beach which took almost one hour. They spent that one hour playing with Olive in the car. Arriving there, they met Lily, James, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William, and their little brother, Charlie, who was Olive’s age.

“Hello Mrs. William.” greeted Polly and Peter together. They turned to greet Mr. William while Lily and James greeted Mrs. Carson. “Ah! Hello Sam. So good to see you!” said Mr. Carson. “Good Afternoon Kevin” replied Mr. William smiling warmly. “Why don’t we place our mat over there?” “Yes. That’s a nice spot.” The fathers discussed about where they’d place their mat and finally they chose a spot that had a large tree for shade just five feet away from the sea so Olive and Charlie wouldn’t go in the water alone.

There was a pool which was a little further away from where the families were. One of them was a children’s pool. It’s floor’s tiles were colorful and it was one feet deep. Besides it there was a restroom and a changing room and some beach chairs. The other pool, a little further away from the kid’s pool was a pool which was for adults. It was at least six feet deep and really big. Most families were there in the pool. Behind the families there was the activity section, the restaurants and cafe.

“Come on mum. Let’s go to the activity section now, not after 4:30!” Lily and James were pleading with their mother while Polly and Peter were pleading with their mother. Olive and Charlie were far too busy playing with their beach tools. Mr. Carson and Mr. William were both in no hurry and were talking peacefully. “Sorry Peter. But now isn’t the time. Why don’t you go and explore the island.”“Lily and James, you too also go and explore around a bit.” said Mrs. William. Both pairs of twins decided that they would explore together and check out what to do since no pleading was going to lead them anywhere.

They walked away looking around and decided to check what activity they did in the cave right next to the juice shop. Going inside they saw a man with a weird expression on his face. He seemed to be worried that the kids were there. They ignored the man and went inside.

There they found a rather dirty box filled with colors, markers, scissors and art things. It was beside a dirty desk which had five chairs. Peter felt quite odd about this and he told them about his feelings. “We better wait for the man to go out on his tea break or something before we start exploring this place.” whispered Lily. And sure enough after some time the man went out. James signaled everyone and they started to search. After some time Polly found something. And what a shock it was! It was smuggled goods. This was a smugglers hideout place disguised as a fun area.

“What should we do?” questioned Polly. “I think our best option is to tell dad and mum” answered James casually. “Yes that might be it” added Peter. “Let’s go while good’s going good” said Lily. They quickly walked outside hoping that the man wouldn’t return to see them so tense but unfortunately he came and looking at their face he realized that the kids had found out about his secret.

Well this was it! They all broke into a run followed by the smuggler finding that they were fast enough to escape, they ran into the big pool and took a jump. The smuggler also dived in but all of them quickly climbed out from the other end.  After they got outside the pool, soaking wet, they ran to their parents who were talking about politics. “Dad! Mum!” shrieked Lily. “Dad! We found” Out of breath they explained everything in short words. Mr. William called the police and they arrived in 2 minutes. Mr. Carson explained their story and they quickly took hold of the situation.  All they could say was “What an escape!”




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