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Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I am writing about them. I am !

The Story of My First Published Piece of Work

Aug 19, 2020 | 0 comments


Story behind my First Writing:

I still remember that day when there was an electricity breakdown in our residency. Our home was covered with darkness and my mother was sleeping (yes she has been a sleepy person since childhood) and I was reading my favorite magazine by candlelight. Suddenly, an idea popped up in my mind. I decided to write stories and their reviews. I was a very stubborn kid and had an immature brain. I wanted to see my name published at the top of other writers in that magazine. So, I was willful that I should have written my name in the magazine anyway. But sad to say, I didn’t know how to write, send and publish my name there. I began to think what I should do now?

After much thought, I closed the magazine. At that moment I looked at the editorial page where different numbers were written. I quickly picked up my mother’s phone and dialed one of them. After a while, I heard a male voice. He started asking me the purpose of my call.

I said, “I want to have my name printed in the magazine. what shall I do ?’’

“How old are you?’’ He questioned me.

“12!’’ I replied quickly.

 “And in which class do you read?’’ He asked further.

“Five’’ I answered seriously (I was so much proud that I read in class V and had done almost half of matriculation)

He started laughing. He was not taunting nor it was a sarcastic laugh. Actually he was amused and entertained by my disclosures. I understood very well that he did not expect such a funny call at all.

Somehow he controlled his laughter and said,“Aaah! write whatever you want on an A4 size paper and send it to the address given on the first page of the magazine”.

 “Oh, many thanks! I will write and send it to you soon”. I responded with pleasure.


I quickly picked up a page and started writing. About whom? about my grandmother’s bone fracture, how she slipped in the washroom and how we took her to the hospital. I wrote whatever came to my mind about that incident. About an hour later I had a paper with the final draft written on it. I was waiting for the morning very impatiently. Immediately after breakfast, my dad started to leave for the office, I handed him the leaflet. He resisted that he could not go to the post office because he would have to take a detour. Even if he went to another post office, he would not be able to reach the office on time. I finally convinced him. When he left, I became happy. Now I had to wait for next month.

Our uncle had invited us. We were all there when I suddenly realized that it had been a whole month. What was to happen then? I hurried to my father and begged him to buy me the magazine somehow. Fortunately, a bookstall was very close to my uncle’s house. Dad bought me the magazine from there. I took the magazine with trembling hands and started looking for my name. The last name in the list of writers was mine. I began to feel a mixture of surprise and joy. It was totally a different feel, no words could be used to describe it. I told every guest one by one. Everybody applauded me. I was extremely happy and proud of myself. It’s how my first writing piece was published.

Uplifting ending!

It is funny that I wrote on my nanny’s injury. Everyone who reads it laugh. I grew up and learned many things regarding writing. I improved my skills and still try to write better and better because I can shake off everything as I write. My sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

 “The writer is by nature a dreamer” (Carson McCullers)

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