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The city of light Karachi is drowning!

Aug 28, 2020 | 0 comments

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Various accidents caused by heavy rain in Karachi:

landsliding in Gulistan Johar, block 3:

As stated by SSP East Sajid Mir, ‘’cars were crushed as rain wreaked havoc’’. Residents and spectators said that heavy rain caused a landslide in Gulistan Johar, block 3, leading to 20 cars being severely damaged in parking. (SAMAA)

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Leaking of sewerage lines:

Residents of Surjani and North Karachi complained that the sewerage lines were so far damaged and the heavy rain made it worse.

Wall fell of Saima Square 1:

In Saima Square 1, a side wall collapsed, crushing seven minors to death. Townsmen are still facing horrible situations.

PIDC, Club road:

Heavy rains dugged a big hole in the middle of Karachi’s famous road and the road burst. Passers-by are facing difficulties.

Total deaths:

As mentioned by police and hospital officials, at least 41 citizens were killed and several others injured in different incidents caused by heavy spell of rain in Karachi.


Pakistan meteorological department recorded rainfall of 83 mm in Sadar, 81 in Landhi, 77.8 at University Road, 76.6 in Nazimabad, 70.8 in Saadi Town, 65.8 at Jinnah Terminal, 49.8 in North Karachi, 42.8 in Surjani and the lowest amount of downpour was 21.9 mm in Keamari.

The Highest rainfall:

According to data provided by Met department the highest amount of rainfall,66 mm was recorded at Gulshan e Hadeed.

Awareness of PMD:

The Pakistan Meteorological Department had predicted and warn of the monsoon on Monday (24.08.20)that it would continue till Thursday (26.08.20). It also informed that the heavy cloudburst could severely affect the southern parts of the city and would generate water logging. Therefore, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has declared an emergency rain in Sindh.

Welfare work:

The people are seeing that in this critical and difficult time, various welfare agencies are doing more for the people than the government. Al Khidmat and JDC Foundations are the tops. These organizations are providing food and shelter to the affected and needy people. Their workers are continuously helping people and working in drowned areas.

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