Everyone’s own world

Sep 22, 2022 | 0 comments

When I was walking home after school, I saw a board on the corner of Pampers Street(its name is really Elf Street, but most people call it Pampers street because it is FILLLED with pamper‘ s shops !) saying to kids :

“You wanna have your own world with all your FAVOURITE things to happenin in your life? Then come here” and then, I saw an arrow blinking with red light under those words.

 I read those words and practically GLIDED home! I was running soooo fast that I even felt my feet lift up from the ground!!! When I reached home,(which is 20 streets back from school and I have to WALK to it every day!) I took 30 bucks (which was its fee)   from my wallet and ran to Pampers street’ s corner as fast as I could and didn’t even stop for breath until I reached there! I reached there gave my money to the guy there. i blinked my eyes and as I did , there appeared a door! {I guess!}. I entered the it and it was like a portal inside! I felt like VOMITTING IN there because I felt sooo dizzy as it was like the Cranium Shaker on the beach!


When I reached the place, I landed with a loud


on my butt[sitting straight] from 20 FEET high !


My butt was ACHING. After 10 minutes (which really  felt like 10 HOURS)of waiting and softly rubbing my butt, I got some courage and got up from the ground.

I walked for a while and reached a BEEG BEEG [BIG BIG] crowd. There was a man explaining everything to everyone. I’m sure I heard him say:

“Whatever you want will happen here, for example” he said, pointing to me “you like watchin’ tv all day long don’t ya’? [which was half true and half wrong] “then this will happen in your door. Everyone, EVERYone will be watching tv with you and only YOUR turn will come as soon as you sign up which is another 10 bucks”.


“But that’s not fair. I like to play in the park all day long, I don’t want to watch TV all day long!” somebody said in only ONE breath! Then, the man who was explaining things said:

  “No.no. no.in your door everyone will play with you whatever you want to play in the park.” Then the boy who said that he liked playing in the park said: “I like to play alone” “then you will be alone. This will happen in everyone’s own world, whatever they want will happen in their door as soon as they sign up with the fee.”

I was the last one in line. When in signed up with the fee, the explanator’s assistant showed me to my door. It was BEAUTIFUL inside.it felt as if I have ended in a whole new world. My house was like a PALACE! I got into my room which was FILLED with the arsenal of nerf guns and their were sooooo  much of them that it felt as if they were going to fit my whole HOUSE! I roamed my palace and checked everywhere, practically EVERYWHERE for example in the oven, in the cupboard and all and found out that their were emergency nerf guns all over the place hidden from sight.

I invited my friends over and started a war of nerf guns with proper SWAT and soldier suits and it lasted for the whole day. I was very tired out comparing to the fun I had. The day ended really fast  too and I went to bed.


I wore my magnificent king’s clothes after I woke up next morning. I became sooo  fresh after the sleep. I brushed my teeth and got on with my daily routine. I opened my house’s door and the first time I noticed that there was a really MAGNIFICENT garden there. I stepped out of my house to play in the garden, and when idid, I landed on my butt on the corner of Pampers street from 20 feet high!


I didn’t know what happened but I walked and walked until I got home and was popped up in bed. I stayed there and got a high fever but I was ok the next day. And  I have to tell you 2 more things which are:

1.Firstly, that when I landed on my  butt, I saw the watch and no a SECOND had passed from when I entered and exited that magical world!

2.Secondly,  I too at first thought that total 110 bucks was very, very less for such a glorious life but after coming back, I asked the man (which took 10 bucks from me) that why I landed on my butt after only one day, he told me “Kiddo, this world’s only fer tweney four hours”


Now that im old and it happened some 50 years ago, I miss that world.

So its enough for today and




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