Some of The World’s Ancient Myths

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Myths and legends have ignited the imagination for thousands of years. The vast majority of these legendary tales are usually just stories people have handed down through the ages. However, as it turns out, there are plenty of old myths and stories with more than a kernel of truth. A few of them have roots in real geological and astronomical events of the past. They provide a warning of potential catastrophic dangers that threaten our existence.Let’s have a look at Some of The World’s Ancient Myths. Let’s get straight into it.

The Guest Star

People from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and possibly North America of the year 1006 AD witnessed a spot in the sky. They described it as a guest star in the sky. Astronomers sticking to ancient texts have found lost to cause mentioning and describing the cosmic phenomena.

In the “Book of Healing” written by the Persian scientist Ibn Sina, who is also known in the West as Avicenna, took note of a transient celestial object that he saw starting as a faint greenish-yellow light which twinkled widely as its peak brightness. Then it became a whitish color before ultimately vanishing. For a long time, the guest star was thought to be a comet but now it has since been determined that the celestial wonder was a Supernova, a cosmic explosion that took place 7200 years ago. At that time, the supernova was brighter and was visible during the daytime for weeks. At present, its visible wavelengths have since dissipated from view.

The Legend Surrounding The Crater Lake

The most common of the legends centered around the Crater Lake involved two powerful mythological beings. Skell, the lord of the Above-World; and Llao, the Under-World God. This message is regarding Good versus Evil. An American tribe believed the crater lake in Oregon was once a tall mountain named Mazama, which was inhibited by Llao. The Underworld deity engaged in an epic battle with the sky God, Skell. The fire and brimstone flew across the skies between Mazama and the nearby Mount Shasta. Llao faced defeat in the fight, and had to go back to the underworld. Intending to imprison him forever, Skell collapsed the most of the mountain on the top of Llao and top off the present the beautiful blue lake.

However, the crater lake was not the product of a battle between angry Gods. But a volcano that erupted 7700 years ago caused Mount Mazama.

The Rama’s Bridge

In the Hindu Epic “Ramayana“, the wife of the God Rama gets kidnapped and taken to the Dragon Kingdom on the island of Lanka. With the help of an army Rama and his brother Lakshman built a floating bridge between India and Lanka. He led the army in crossing over the bridge and successfully defeated Ravana, the demon king and rescued his wife. Well, it is clear that this tale is filled with unbelievable details. The myth Rama’s Bridge, surprisingly, the satellite images reveal a 48-kilometre line of submerged limestone and sand that stretches between India and Sri Lanka. Temple records tell that Rama’s Bridge was entirely above the sea level. 

The Legends Of Atlantis

It is one of the most well-known myths in human history and described by the Greek philosopher Plato in his writings. This myth tells A Tale of a Civilization which, at its peak, tragically sank beneath the Waves and vanished for all eternity. This great civilization was Atlantis which was founded by a race of people who were half-god and half-human. They lived in a utopia where they possessed great naval powers. However, their home were the Icelands which whose shape was like a series of concentric circles. A great cataclysm destroyed it. Well, Atlantis was probably not a real place that has existed in ancient times but can be a whole Island civilization that has been the source of inspiration for the tale. It remains heavily debated between several archaeologists. 

Noah’s Ark

It is the famous story told among Christians, Jews, and Muslims that God chose to destroy the world with a flood a long time ago. But God spread the name Noah as His representatives on the earth to guide the people to worship one God. But when Noah’s tribe’s people didn’t worship one God, uncaught command to build an ark and filled it with a pair of every animal. When God covered the Earth with water, it didn’t help everyone and everything that once roamed the land. Noah, his believers, and the other animals managed to survive on the ark, and they were the ones that populated the planet after the disaster. 

Pegasus: The Flying Horse

According to Greek mythology, Pegasus could fly up to Mount Olympus and head straight for the stars.
Pegasus is the flying horse from Greek mythology and hands down the most famous horse in any mythology. Pegasus is derived from the Greek word pegasi or peg. Both derive the same meaning, which is spring. People believe that every night Pegasus was among the many gods who watch over the mountain Olympus. 

Pegasus is equine with wings and a pure heart. The winged steed was the son of Medusa and Poseidon. He was born after the death of Gorgon Medusa. It was a belief that Pegasus was born by Blood of Medusa.
The winged horse flew to the mountain and hit the ground with his hooves as much as he could and there spring the Hippocrene. The muses would inspire the one who drank from it. At last, Bellerophon tried to use the Pegasus to reach Olympus.



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