The Rarest Eye Color People Have

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Have you ever really seen someone and you feel so different? 

Well, the eyes are not just a source to see all around yourself. Your eyes are your windows to the world and the window to your soul. Apparently, how striking your eyes are. Perhaps they are a super real color.

So what colors are your eyes? Is it brown, blue, green, hazel, and which of those do you think is the rarest one. It might seem like an easy question to answer. Is it really an easy question?

In reality, there is a debate over which eye color is the rarest. One eye color might be very rare in a particular part of the word and extremely common. But what about your own eye color. Why do you have hazel eyes, but your sibling has Blue Eyes. It is the point where science comes in.

Eye color all have to do with this thing, which is called melanin. And it is the same melanin responsible for the freckles on your nose and your hair color. 

Melanin only consists of the colors red, yellow, brown, and black. So what about blue and green? How are those eye colors produced? 

Well, it is a fascinating mix of several factors. The amount and type of melanin decide eye color in your iris. The colored part of your eye is the stroma’s makeup and thickness, which is a thin tissue in your iris. Lighting is another factor, especially for those people with light-colored eyes.

The most common eye colors are brown, blue, and hazel. Interestingly, brown eyes have the most melanin, and these are the most common eye color in the world, representing just over half of the world’s population. Blue eyes are much rarer; they represent roughly 8% of the world population. Well, how they are formed, it is all got to do with light and lack of melanin.

As light passes through the Blue Eyes, it hits the iris’s back and then reflects out as it bounces back. It gets started through some proteins present in the eye, creating that blue color.

Do you know what the fun fact is, the phenomena that scatter the light and create the blue color in the eye is called Rayleigh scattering, and it is the same reason the sky appears blue so the next time if a child asks that why is the sky is blue you have the answer now.

The Hazel Eyes is a little bit brighter than brown eyes. They have more of a green or yellow tint and represent about 5% to 8% of the world’s population. You know the amount and type of melanin present in your eyes affect the color of your iris.

Do you know what determines how much pigment you get? Well, you can hold Genetics for that. If your sibling is blue-eyed and you and that of the hazel eyes, it just means that Genetics decided to give it more melanin, so in short, the more melanin you have in your eyes, the brown your eyes are.

Types Of Melanin

It is clear now that melanin is the fundamental cause of our eye color. Let’s have a look at its type. 

Pheomelanin And Eumelanin

Pheomelanin has the reddish and yellow pigmentation while Eumelanin has brown and black pigmentation. What about those people whose eyes can change depending on what they are wearing the time of the day. Are you one of these people? Some people have a different colored limbal ring, which is the ring around the iris’s outer edge. The Limbal ring usually fades as we age, so this is something that is indicative of young Eyes. Our iris are like fingerprints; even genetically identical people like twins have different irises. 

Now after knowing about the science behind the eye color. Let’s have a look at the rarest eye colors. 

Multi-Colored Eyes

Yea, multi-color eyes do exist. It is technically called heterochromia. It is an eye disorder that causes a person’s eye to be different in colors.  Actually, there are different types of this condition. It might be complete heterochromia, which means both irises are totally different in color. Partial heterochromia occurs when only one part of the iris is other in color. And central heterochromia means the inner ring of the eye is different in color than the outer ring. This disorder results in various kinds of five colors and mixtures. That is why it is the rarest eye color in the world, which is actually a disorder. 

Black Eyes

Interestingly, black eyes don’t exist. Yes, it is true. That seems to be black are not actually black at all because these are really dark brown eyes. The overproduction of pigment causes black eyes.

Amber Eyes

Amber Eyes: Science, Myths and Personality Traits of Amber Eyed People

Amber eyes are one of the rarest colors in the world. It occurs in less than 5% of eyes worldwide. Although they are considered rare, there are some geographical locations where Amber’s eyes are more common, like South America and Asia.

The color of Amber eyes varies from a solid copper to Gold or sometimes yellow. They are different from Hazel Eyes because there is no brown-green or Hazel present. Some experts believe that this color happens because of a yellow pigment that is found throughout the iris.

Green Eyes

10 Eyeshadow Shades for Green Eyes | 100% PURE

Green eyes are considered a rarity, but many people wrongly identify their hazel eyes as green. There is a massive difference between green and hazel. Green eyes are more uniform in color while hazel ranges from jade to olive found in northern and central Europe. Green eyes inhabit a larger percentage of the population. Green eyes are still exceptionally rare. 

Silver Eyes

silver eye. by satch000.deviantart.com on @deviantART | Colored contacts,  Colored eye contacts, Contact lenses colored

The silver color is also pretty unique and is more common in the Eastern border. Some believe that silver eyes are a variation of blue eye color, and this is true. Similar to blue eyes, silver eyes are the result of a deficient level of pigmentation.

Red Eyes

Pin by Meg Harrington on Prussia Aesthetic | Pretty eyes, Beautiful eyes,  Aesthetic eyes

You may have seen someone with pink or red eyes. This color is also one of the rarest, and in most cases, it comes along with the health condition like albinism. Red color eyes are a result of very little or even no melanin in the eyes at all. The red color is actually the blood vessels of the eye that you are seeing.



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