Mysterious places in the world
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Mysterious places in the world | 11 Shocking places

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In this article, you will know about mysterious places in the world and there shocking history or truth. In the world of beautiful natural scenery, we are unknown with the truths sometimes. We don’t know the history or sometimes it is a mystery to solve. Cause of fondness to solve the mystery or want to know more I started my research on mysterious places in the world. I hope you will like it.

Mysterious Places In The World

Here are the 11 mysterious places in the world

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is known as one of the most mysterious places in the world. Many ships and planes were mysteriously vanished and left no evidence behind. That’s why it is also known as a “Devil’s Triangle”. No one knows the truth on this planet that why is this happening. Some said that there is a sea monster. Some said that there is a way to go to another world and some said that there is a magnetic field inside.

The Lost City Colombia:

Lost City Colombia

This place was also known as Teyuna. The Lost City Colombia is built in the 11th century by the people called Tayrona.

Many peoples said they believe that the peaceful city was sunk underneath the sea.

This city was discovered in 1972 by treasure hunters, they found the footsteps to the city located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia and they named it as “Green hell”. Then in 1972 archeologists start to rediscover the lost city of Colombia. In 1982 they completed their reconstruction.

The way to get there is hiking you should climb up almost 1,200 stone steps. The deep dense forest covered it from the surroundings. It will be a 4 days hike to get in there.

The Nazca lines mystery

The Nazca Lines

Image by Monika Neumann from Pixabay

The Nazca lines are located in Peru.

These lines are a collection of motifs or geoglyphs-designs. There are drawings of animals, plants, birds, and strange geometric patterns. These lines are almost 2000 years old.

These drawings occupy almost 1000 kilometers.

No one knows who drew those lines and why they drew such scary patterns and the most amazing and unbelievable thing is that how they drew that so accurate. In south-America Nazca lines are considered as prehistoric remains.

Stonehenge Mystery

The Stonehenge

Photo by Inja Pavlić on Unsplash

Stonehenge is located in England. These stones were made 5,000 years ago. Stonehenge is considered as a famous prehistoric monument. These stones are arranged erect in a circular layout.

Some scholars said that this place was used as a burial ground and some believe that this place was used for other purposes or events as well such as, for ceremonies or a religious pilgrimage. But, the debate about this site still continues.

The unbelievable thing is that how people of that time made those stones or how did they carry them even before the time of the invention of the wheel.

In 1986 UNESCO register Stonehenge as a heritage site of the world.

In 2019, the visits to Stonehenge reached a peak of almost 1.6 million visits.

The Easter Island Mystery

Easter Island

This was named as Easter Island by its first discoverer European visitor “Jacob Roggeveen”, who landed here in 1722. The official name of this island is “Isla de Pascua” which also means “Easter Island”.

This place was once populated by the people of “Rapa Nui”. Almost 1,000 of stone statues were erected by the “Rapa Nui” civilization. Those statues are known as moai. Each of them is about 14 tons in weight and stands about 13 feet tall.

UNESCO register Easter Island as a world heritage site in 1995.

Spotted Lake Among Mysterious Places In The World

Spotted Lake

This lake is located northwest of “Osoyoos” in British Columbia valley which is called Okanagan valley.

In the summer season the water of the lake starts evaporating and it lefts the polka-dotted spots behind in various colors. Those colorful spots are caused by a high concentration of various minerals.

The catacombs of Paris


Photo by Chelms Varthoumlien on Unsplash

In the 17th century, Paris faced a major problem in their country, due to enough deaths. Eventually, cemeteries overflowed by the bodies of the dead. So, not to risk people’s health, it was decided to create a scary tourist attraction then they decided to transfer corpses in the old tunnel beneath the street of Paris.

The Devils Bridge Germany

Devil's Bridge

Rokotzbrücke is located in the German town of kromlau.This bridge is also called devil’s bridge. It was built in 1860

Many bridges are known as a devil’s bridge. But this one is the most famous bridge in the world.

This bridge is built as it forms an accurate circle with its own reflection in the water beneath.

Door to Hell

Door to Hell

Photo by Ybrayym Esenov on Unsplash

The Darvaza crater is also known as Door to hell. It is a field of natural gas that collapsed into the caverned in 1971. Out of fear of spreading dangerous gases, engineers set it on fire and thought that it will be done in a few weeks but the gas in the crater is still burning till now since then.

After that, it becomes a unique spot to visit which attracts tourists towards itself.

The Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

The crooked forest is located in Western Poland near the town of Gryfino. In this forest the trees grew at the angle of 90-degree bend from its root.no one knows the actual reason that why the trees are bend from their base.

Mysterious Places In The World Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Pyramid of Giza is a mystery itself. It is also called “Pyramid of Khufu”. As we know the pyramid of Giza is about 4,000 years old, everyone wants to know that how the people of “Egypt” built such a strong, a huge, and wonderful pyramid with the few materials used at that time without any use of modern technology.

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