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Islamic Civilization and the Western World

Aug 16, 2020 | 0 comments

The reason for writing on this topic is that the greatest and most important information in Islamic culture is theology, which includes the knowledge of the essence and attribute of ALLAH and also the knowledge of His commands. The success of Muslims in this world and the hereafter depends on these facts. Islam is not against science and technology, but in the cultural universe of Islam, science and technology have the status of secondary knowledge.

But the problem with the modern West is that it has grand knowledge of science and technology to the highest level. Certainly, modern Western science does not believe in God or religion. Therefore, linking modern science to the scientific tradition of Muslims is not a good deal. But unfortunately, there are writers here who while believing modern science and technology to be the privilege of the West, keep on abusing Muslims and saying; you have neither science nor technology. You are not inventing anything. Before moving ahead, I am here sharing a list of the few inventions which we mostly used in our daily routine life;

  1. Coffee
  2. Clock
  3. Camera
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Universities
  6. Flying Machine
  7. Surgical Instrument
  8. Maps
  9. Algebra

We are ashamed of reading such type of a column from a very famous and well-known writer Mr. Javed Chaudhry, who has limited the insult to Islamic civilization and Muslims.

“Look at the misfortune of the Islamic world. We can’t protect the Kaaba today without European guns, tanks, cannons, shells, and American warplanes. Our education is in the list of the 100 largest universities in the world.” Not a single university in the Islamic world comes; the research paper that the whole Islamic world produces together is half of the research done in Boston, USA. The rulers of the whole Islamic world go to Europe and America for treatment. Want to spend the last part of your life in Europe, USA, Canada, and New Zealand, Ninety percent of the world’s history is in Islamic countries, but ninety percent of the well-to-do in the Islamic world go to the West for tourism. For five hundred years we have given the world no medicine, no weapons, no new philosophy, no food, no good. If we had made a good shoe in those five hundred years, our duty would have been fulfilled. We could not have built a clean toilet in a thousand years.

We did not make socks, sleepers, and cold clothes in summer and warm clothes in winter. If we had made paper, printing machines, and ink for the publication of the Holy Quran, we would have been honored. We also buy sound systems for the Holy Shrines from Jewish companies. Our rosaries and place of prayers also come from China, and our ihrams and shrouds are also made on German machines, believe it or not, but the fact is that the world’s one and a half billion Muslims are no more important than the consumer. Europe invents, creates, delivers blessings to the Islamic world and we use and then turn a blind eye to the creators and inventors.

Believe me, the year Australia and New Zealand refused to give sheep in Saudi Arabia, Muslims will not be able to sacrifice on the Hajj, and the day Europe and the United States stop selling cars, planes, and computers in the Islamic world, We will be trapped in our homes, we will not be able to leave the city. This is us and this is our time. ”

(Javed Chaudhry’s column – Daily Express, March 4, 2018)

Some people believe that the highest symbols of the development of the Islamic civilization of Muslims are Spain, Baghdad, and Delhi. But those are not aware of the true spirit of Islam and its identity. The highest point of Muslim civilization is Medina of our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad , after that the Era of the Righteous Caliphs رضي الله عنه because our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad  said that the best time after my time is which will come after me. This was the “original civilization” and the “real progress” of the Muslims.

The real revival of Europe took place not in the fifteenth century, but under the influence of the Arab culture. Neither Spain nor Italy was the structure of the new birth in Europe. While at the same time the cities of the Arab world, Baghdad, Cairo, had become centers of civilization and intellectual activity. There appeared the life that was to take the form of a new stage of human evolution in the future. At the same time that the effects of this culture came to light, a new movement of life began.

But there is more to this. Muslims have made extraordinary strides in science and technology, but they still cling to their religion. As Europe progressed in science and technology, it spits on its religion. It is not wrong to conclude from this that the religion which brought the Muslims to the first rise can bring the Muslims to the rise again, but if the West declines, there will be no way to revive it. Let them convert to Islam.

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