Money May Divide Humans but Humanity Defines Human
Written by Azka Azmi


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Money may divide humans but Humanity defines Humans.

Sep 28, 2020 | 0 comments

       Money may divide humans but humanity defines humans. It is hard to define humanity in words. Humanity is the hallmark of being human and the solitary meaning of human’s life is to serve for humans. It is a peculiar quality as well as nature, which is followed by unconditional love, kindness, hope, faith, fair and social interactions towards our fellow beings. The characteristic of humanity encircles strength and virtuousness. We must feel lucky because we have everything we desire.

It is focused on befriending with one and another. Moreover, it also focuses on the deposition to relieve the agony of any person or animal, sympathies towards mankind and to treat mankind with kindness and devotion. But at the same time, we are cruel, rude, and violent. If we go through the pages of history, we witness the cruel acts being practiced by human beings; simultaneously humanitarian acts have been performed by many decent people whose thoughts have changed the livelihood of many people. Examples of these great people are; Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Quaid e Azam, and very pronounced name of today, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Literature and Art of Humanity.

       Humanity is the literature of reflection of reality-based ideologies, which keeps a pillar of culture, tradition, and beliefs. Literature provides knowledge of human values. It is also a tool for revolution.

Religion is also a literature and it should be prioritizing by living beings and keeps him down to earth. One should follow the sets of rules granted by their religion but to attain peace we should follow the teaching of love and unity.

       No religion, race, custom, and tradition are higher than humanity. Humanity is a result of love, peace, and unity, and this is what every religion offers. 

       Humanity is a religion, which should be followed by every race and individual. The spirit of being loving and caring towards all the living things, including animals and plants, moreover to understand the problems and situations of fellow being is considered and be helpful for those who are needy at any time and place, to forget selfish interests and this is what defines you as a human.

       In-another words, humanity is not the gain of fame, money, and power, it is the selfless acts and compassion of living beings.  

       If we want to practice humanity, we should stop keeping competition between each other or lifting one’s self as compared to others, rather we should keep no difference, as it is only humans who have significance because we give significance. 

       We, humans, don’t come into existence for just having fun; we are here to promote humanity. It can not be done through your wealth or being rich is a symbol of humanity. However, having a feeling of humanity is a symbol of humanity that is, to lift a heavy bag for an old woman, to help a disabled one while crossing traffic, and to help the poor ones. The feeling of affection is also known as humanity.

       In this digital era and individualism, where we are free to learn anything from anything. We should stop thinking about shedding blood to set a pillar of humanity; instead, we should strengthen the increase of compassion to keep a foundation of humanity.  


        The margin between humans and animals is humanity. It is a noble service you can give without giving twice thoughts to it. Humans should become an epitome of mercy as the Creator of the Universe is Most Merciful. Therefore, serving humanity means to serve The Creator of the Universe.

‘To admire the shape of heart’s beauty,

Let’s raise the human for humanity’



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