5 Ideas for a Living Room that will Maximize Your Space

Aug 12, 2020 | 1 comment

You spend a lot of time in your living room. So, it doesn’t only need to look nice but also needs to be functional and comfortable. A living room must not only be inviting but well-decorated too, as the place where friends and family gather the most in a home. Here are the most useful 5 ideas for a living room that will maximize your space.

1.Divide Your Space

Long living rooms can feel impractical and provide a great opportunity to divide your space into separate areas. You can try to build a sofa section on one area and a dining space in the other area of the room to make it into an open area. A TV-watching area at one end with a more conversational arrangement of sofas and armchairs at the other end with additional furniture separating the two areas can help you see these areas as two separate spaces completely.

2.Use the Middle of Your Living Room

Zoning will help you fill the entire space in a long living room, place your dominant furniture in a central location, perfect for small luxury living room ideas where you cannot build different parts. Set in the middle of the room your sofas, a coffee table, and a TV. Then add tall bookshelves on the shorter walls, or display cases to concentrate on the central area. This space layout draws the eye towards the center of the room, making it appear squarer than it is.

3.Create height

Long rooms will feel closed in, thereby making space appear smaller. To avoid this, attempt to bring as much height as possible into your living room to avoid this. Hang your curtains at ceiling height rather than window height, which generates the impression that your ceilings are far higher than they are. Seek an eye-catching gallery wall or piece of art or mirrors, or add a wall or wallpaper with a vibrant accent.

Using color to make space color is another great tool to decorate your extended living room. Use neutral or pale shades on the longer walls and choose a slightly darker color or statement shade on the shorter walls. This color strategy will make your space feel more in proportion and squarer.

4.Create Space with Light

An efficient idea of being clever with lighting is to have a long living room. Make the most of the natural light you’ve got. Stop using blinds or heavy curtains that might block or restrict the natural light you’re receiving. Especially when placed in the corners of your room, floor lamps work well.

Living room ideas

5.Choose the Right Sofa; Cozy Living Room Ideas

Your living room’s overall appearance and style will also influence your sofa or sofas. Keep your parts in proportion to the size and shape of your room as much as possible, and avoid choosing items that are too large or too small for the available space. When thinking of long and cozy living room ideas, consider placing a sofa in the corner. If you’re very short on space, there are other options. For example, instead of a traditional 3-seater sofa, you might choose a 2-seater sofa or a couple of cuddle chairs.

So these were the 5 ideas which would help you bring out the most from your living room however it is while having all the space you want.

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