The Pros and Cons of Social Media

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There are many pros and cons of social media however social media plays an important function in the society. It’s functions are indispensable for smooth and effective functioning of the society. In this modern era, people have a dire need of keeping themselves aware of the things happening around them. Social media performs the function of providing them information pertaining to things happening around them. At a national as well as at an international level. Life of the people before this amazing innovation was totally different from form the life of today. Social media brought remarkable changes in the lives of the people living in this modern era.

As a coin has two sides, similar is the case here. Social media has several advantages as well as disadvantages. First of all we talk about the advantages of Social Media.

Advantages of Social Media

1-Connection with the whole world:

While using social media you can connect with any person all around the world. People belong to different religions, beliefs, countries and nations and there are boundaries between them. But social media has removed all these boundaries. Now you can freely contact any person in the whole world irrespective of his nation, country, area and religion. You can share your ideas with him and discuss things with him.

2-Community building:

Through social media, people belonging to same religion, thoughts, beliefs and ideas can interact with each other. They can discuss things and share ideas among themselves in the form of a group. In this way social media is helpful in community building all around the world.

3-Spreading Information:

If you are using social media, you can easily share any information. With your friends and even with the whole world by just clicking once. Similarly you can easily get any information. Regarding anything happening around you or anywhere in the whole world within no time through social media. Before this innovation, people had no such means to get information of anything happening in the world so quickly. It became possible only by means of social media.

4- Education:

Social media has made education simpler by making online education possible. Several online education courses are available at YouTube and such other applications. You can easily solve problems regarding understanding of any topic related to your study by watching videos.Students can get help and guidance from these social media forums regarding their curriculum. It has greatly helped the students.

5-Business development:

If you are running a business, you can promote it by extensive advertisement on social media. With the help of social media, you can contact many customers all around the world. In this way you can greatly augment your business circle within no time. Positive responses and views from the customers on social media can help enhance the reputation of your business which is a guarantee to flourishing business.

6-Guidance and help:

Experts from all fields of work share important information and their experience at several social media forums. If you are a beginner or new in a field of work, you can easily take guidance and help from interaction with experts on social media. It will be helpful in the improvement of your career. Eventually it will lead you towards success.

Now we will talk about the disadvantages of social media.

Disadvantages of Social Media

1-Addiction to social media:

Addiction to social media is one of the major disadvantages of it. If you are a student and addicted to social media, it will directly affect your performance in your studies. You will spend much of your time on social media, which results in lack of concentration towards studies.

But if you have stepped into your practical life, then the social media addiction will cause hurdles in the performance of your duties. As a result, you will be unable to fulfill your responsibilities. Eventually relations with your family will get badly affected and you will be an easy prey to depression and anxiety.

2-Hazardous effects on Health:

If a you are spending much time on social media, you will adopt negative behavior. If you continue to do so, it will result in screen addiction. And we know that screen addiction has severe harmful effects on human body and especially on brain. Depression, anxiety and such other diseases result from screen addiction.

The Effects too Much Screen Time has on Your Health

A survey conducted in Mexico in 2019 said that 25.6 percent of the people used to spend 3 hours on social media on daily basis. While 22 percent of the people spent almost 4 hours daily on social media.

Another survey revealed that average time spent by US users on social media amounted to be 76.3 minutes daily in 2019. It was increased up to 82 minutes daily in thee year 2020.


People spending much time on social media try to portray their idealized life on their social media accounts, which is contrary to their experience in real life. Failing to do so results in depression and anxiety.

4-Hacking of Social Media Accounts:

Hacking of social media accounts is also one of major drawbacks of it. If a hacker hacks your private social media account, he can steal your personal data or share inappropriate content on your account. It will directly disturb your private life. It may be harmful to you to a huge extent. In some cases, social media account hacks may result into the death of the victim of hack in the form of suicide.

5-Deterioration of Reputation:

If someone hacks your social media account you use for the promotion of your business. He can share inappropriate content or false and fabricated stories on your account, the reputation of your business be deteriorated. It will eventually result into the complete destruction of your business. In this way social media can ruin your life.

6-Misleading Information:

If someone sends or shares misleading information or fake news to your account. In response,you share that information to your friends or anywhere else being unaware of the reality. It may be harmful for you and the people with whom you shared that information.

7-Cyber bullying:

Teasing someone through unknown or fake social media accounts comes under cyber bullying. It also includes sharing or sending message to someone containing threat or intimidation or rumors. So this is also one of the drawbacks of usage of social media.

8-Scams and Frauds:

Several scams and frauds regarding social media accounts has been reported all over the world. For example if you purchase something online through a social media account to a company. The company after receiving the amount doesn’t deliver that thing or delivers something having quality lower than that you paid for. Thus these frauds and scams also mention the drawbacks of social media usage.


As I mentioned above that as a coin has two sides,similarly the social media has advantages on one side and disadvantages on another. If it is a blessing for the people living in this modern era on one hand, it can also be a curse

However, you can avoid the harmful effects of social media by taking precautionary measures, keeping in view the above mentioned disadvantages. The most effective way to avoid its disadvantages is to restrict its usage to only the time of need. As we know that “Excess of everything is bad.”

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