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Influencer Marketing Hub – Social Media Influencers

Oct 23, 2020 | 2 comments

Gaining the right consumers is the not possible without deploying an appropriate marketing domain. The influencer marketing hub has emerged as a unique domain, gaining mass admiration every passing day. Thousands of dollars spent on social media and influencer marketing hub are reverted back many folds within a short span of time. Hence, influencer marketing hub is the new vogue!

The latest marketing strategy of influencer marketing is gravitating numerous brands to give up the out-dated advertising methods and enter the hub of influencer marketing, where everything is just a click away. A great many social media influencers are also actively indulging in the influencer marketing these days, mainly due to its interactive nature.

Marketing hub and its trends have undergone advancements and adaptations in various times, each being in accordance with the right factors. The strategies adopted in a marketing hub significantly affect the fate of the product. The right sort of marketing strategies encourage the consumers to develop interest in the product; hence markedly increasing the product turnover rates.

Hitherto, the marketing policies deployed were reliant majorly on print and electronic media, which were considered to be the main sources of communication with the general public. However, in the current decade, another medium known as the social media, has flourished and gained immense popularity amongst the masses. Henceforth, the influencer marketing hub has emerged as a unique domain, gaining mass admiration with every passing day.

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Although various social media websites have been working and connecting people for the last forty years, after 2009, there was a breakthrough in the social media market, when Facebook became the newest trend. Subsequently, with every passing year, numerous social media websites have been developed, but only a few have successfully earned the public interest. A few of them include Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Role OF Social Media Influencers In Influencers Marketing

Millions of users are enticed to social media platforms daily for countless reasons. These platforms let the users develop a community of their own, encouraging them to get genuinely involved in social media’s virtual world.

Among the millions of users, a few people opt to go the extra mile and be influential. These users either debut themselves as a brand and personate their already popular selves (in case of celebrities) to influence the common users and create a community of audience.

Every influencer possesses a certain prospect, chooses his/her niche accordingly, and creates content to engage the audience. The type of content that an influencer creates must resonate with the audiences’ interests.

Depending upon the type of digital content and the medium utilized, the influencers are termed celebrities, bloggers, Instagrammers, Vloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, TikTokers, etc. Several chief key factors determine an influencer’s authenticity, which greatly affects the loyalty of the audience and audience size.

Social influencers build a respectable reputation and portray a confident image that persuades the audience on its own. They upload quality content on social networking sites, either as makeup artists, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, interior designers, etc. in their respective niches.

Influencer Marketing

In the contemporary world of social media, where an average person spends at least 2 to 3 hours of the day on internet, the trends of product advertisements have also evolved. Unlike the traditional methods, the latest marketing agendas of some companies and brands revolve around the internet marketing, more specifically the social media marketing. Amongst the various methods of social media marketing, influencer marketing has been gaining immense admiration.

Several brands now hunt and look out for people who have a good social reputation and utilize their persuasive power to market their products. Social media influencers serve as a convenient means to deliver a message and to advertise a product to a great number of people without costing a fortune. De facto, this sort of marketing has been in vogue for some time now, and is being admired worldwide. Henceforth, aside for being just a pastime and a platform to portray some skills, social media networking sites are now also serving as hubs for influencer marketing.

Who Are Influencers

Makeup artists, for instance, have well-maintained social profiles with inordinate followings. People not only admire their work but also value their opinions. Natasha Ali Lakhani is a famous makeup artist and a salon owner in Karachi, with over one million followers on Instagram. Thousands of followers value her opinions and are in constant lookout for her tips and techniques to enhance their makeup skills.

The beauty and cosmetics brands approaching her increase their chances of customer exposure and thus increase the product turnover rate. Similarly, hundreds of makeup artists have built their social communities appreciate them for their skills. Different brands approach them and advertise their products.

Surprisingly, some business owners have built huge fan followings on their social media networks, owing to the fabulous work they deliver. A well-known photographer of Pakistan, Irfan Ahson, has over 778 thousand followers on Instagram only and a similar fan following on his other social networks himself.

The masses also love fashion designers and event planners with fan followings in thousands and thousands. ‘Ali Xeeshan theatre studio,’ the designer store of Ali Xeeshan, has an Instagram fan following 525 thousand.

Not to forget, the home-based chefs and bakers are also loved, and thousands of people admire them. People shower immense love to those who deliver quality content, and the brands love such diligent personnel.

All these and numerous other platforms could be useful for marketing brands, based on the type of products they want to sell.

Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing hub has seamlessly carved its space into the modern world and progressively overtakes the antiquated forms. The approach brings along a diverse range of pros and cons.



  • The influencer marketing approach is a two-way association in which both the parties get the benefit. The brand gets exposure to a huge audience while the influencer gets characteristic and professional content for their social networks.
  • It is a targeted approach, i.e., rather than blindly advertising to the people, this approach selects its target audience and promotes their product for them only. Hence the likeliness of reaching the potential customers becomes increases many folds.
  • Influencer marketing ensures a trustful and credible relationship because its follower community has already developed some trustworthy relationships. Hence when a trust-worthy person recommends a product, the followers are more likely to purchase it based on his/her honest recommendations.
  • Such a partnership instigates real-time outcomes, i.e., the results can be observed in a short period with high return-on-investment rates.
  • Good strategic advertisements and ads free of irrelevant fuss possess a higher likelihood of being appreciated, and re-sharing allows discovering new markets.
  • Social media marketing campaigns provide brand awareness to the commoners, who otherwise would have been unaware of a particular brand’s existence.
  • It provides employment opportunities to many men and women, mostly, at the ease of their home.
  • Although the long-term ventures seem undeniably attractive, some influencers and brands perhaps wouldn’t want to engage in long-term contracts at first, due to various reasons. Thus the short-term projects come in handy, which might end up in prolonged ventures.
  • This type of business marketing doesn’t cost the brand an arm and a leg, especially when looking for niche-specific micro and macro-influencers.


  • Despite the multiple benefits, influencer marketing may cause more harm than good. In case the brand fails to opt for the right influencer, the reputation of the brand might undergo considerable damage. The brand should make sure that the influencer has genuine followers and not fake ones.
  • The content of the ad should be designed ethically and considering the moral values of the society. Or else, both the parties may have to face the backlash.
  • The influencers who work professionally know what sort of content would suit the promotion of a particular product. One wrong post by the influencer would be enough.
  • Measuring the results of the campaign from time to time is crucial. If it did not get adequate results, the brand needs to stop working with the influencer.



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