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Youth | Dominant Images Of Youth In Society

Oct 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Youth is the foundation of any country. Youngsters can assume an important role in the advancement of society. Pakistan right now is the biggest age of youngsters at any point recorded in the history. They are also a significant section of the community, and youth can assume an indispensable job in improving the nation. Moreover, they can change the future of society with their well being and brave behavior. Youngsters are also here to give us that which we have not been eager to have a look at inside ourselves.

For what reason do young people face challenges? 

It is typical for youngsters to push limits and face challenges. Teenage risk-taking is an important part of their journey in finding their identities and becoming independent young grow-ups.

During puberty, there are changes in the mind that cause youngsters progressively centered around the reward they feel when their companions admire them. The uplifting feedback they get by being incorporated. This is the reason companions and peers become incredibly significant during the high school years. On this, your child’s friend will presently have the greatest influence on their behavior.

The areas that handle impulse control and arranging likewise don’t develop until about age 25. This implies young people are almost certain than adults to take risks and hazardous choices.

The negative image of youth in society 

Influence of surroundings on youth

The teenage mind is by far the sharpest one, yet generally misused. Young people are the only adults who aren’t exactly sure how to manage their lives. They think that it’s not easy to build up a core interest. This like this leaves them progressively vulnerable against getting into the wrong way. They are handily affected by nearly everything that encompasses them. Youngsters are additionally inclined to impulsive behavior and are hesitant to appear as something else.

Many of these impacts are positive, driving them to become better people, while others hurt their development, behavior, and improvement. Frequently sucked into the influence, adolescents are regularly found falling back on alcohol, drugs in a futile attempt to relax them.

Media has extraordinarily impacted young people life

The following are the impact of media on youth.

Heath issues

Extended screen time is related to poor academic performance, lack of sleep, and decreased physical movement.

Could create unrealistic body image

Media sharply affects how teenagers interpret beauty. For example, the media makes the impression that “slim and fair “is delightful. Such misleading messages can negatively affect the youngster’s mind.

Impart wrong recognitions

Media usually show a young to be cool if they eat junk, smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, drive quick, and so forth.

Develops wrong beliefs 

Social stages sometimes are utilized to spread biased information and fake news. Teenagers may begin accepting the given information in this way, causing a change in their attitude and behavior.

Create violent behavior 

An investigation demonstrated that viewing violent television shows and expansion in youngsters’ violent and erratic behavior. Studies have shown that playing tough video games can increase destructive thoughts, actions, and feelings in both the short-term and long-term. 

The longer individuals are flashed to violent video games, the more likely they are to have offensive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Watching brutal television, watching violent films, or playing vehement video games increases aggressive behavior.

Misuse of media and the internet 

Now the days the major problem of youth is the misuse of media and the internet. Over-exposure to adult sites has serious effects on youngsters’ behavior and the whole society. Misuse of the internet is one of the major causes of rapidly increasing rape cases in Pakistan by the youngster. Other reasons are :

  • Youngsters have a lot of free time on their hands, which results in their mind wandering.
  • The use of alcohol and cigarettes Influences them to make bad decisions.
  • Lack of self-control as a part of self-control of sexual desires and aggression. This lack of self-control results in sexual violence.
  • Bad influence on youths can be a bad peer influence.
  •  Most of the youngsters who commit crimes belong to low socioeconomic status.
  • Low crime reporting and conviction rate has come up as a cause of youth committing crimes. There is no fear of law enforcement amongst youth.
  • The majority to point entertainment is one of the major causes. Entertainment included materialization of women in songs, movies, magazines, and porn sites.
  • Parents’ unavailability to rear their children with good values and morals is also a cause of young convicts.

Blindly follow everything 

Youth indiscriminately follow everything trends, media, and western culture

It’s not awful to adore somebody, but rather things take a terrible turn when one tends to follow celebrity exorbitantly. Youth ought to see great and bad things in life themselves and make their decisions as needs are. One ought not to cross limits during the following someone. Going insane for a role model consistently ends badly.

Adolescents aimlessly follow western culture because of deviancy from our religion, as any country’s culture reflects its faith. Youth have left following their religion and have overlooked the contrast among good and bad and consequently fell prey to different cultures.

The positive image of youth in society 

Youngsters are enthusiastic and optimistic 

Youth are happy, energized, optimistic and constructive individuals. When in general, they’re satisfied and think they have a decent life, state it’s easy to have a ton of fun, and are generally energized for their very own personal growth. They are drivers of joy, including being a constructive individual.

Expecting to have a good day, the feeling that they have a decent life, excitement in the future, and a family that causes them to feel great. Little youngsters are energetic, anxious to participate, and learning constantly.

The temporal crisis doesn’t effectively demotivate the enthusiastic youngster. This assists youth with working viably – It gets simpler to overlook obstructions or difficulties while focusing on your goals. It is one stage above a mere interest.

Enthusiastic young are individuals who have a solid sentiment of energy to accomplish something. Until they see that dream or task fulfilled, they never need to surrender. Energetic youngsters work with energy, even when financial rewards are inadequate. They have an inborn inspiration that spurs them upon.

Qualities of youth 

Youngsters are fearless, brave, hasty, dynamic, and self-confident. They have the thoughts, creativity, and extraordinary spirit to shape an ideal world. Youngsters are full of hope, and through innovation and creative minds, they are issue solvers and have a tremendous potential to produce a positive social change on the earth.

Youngsters are in a constant quest for the amazing quality that creates the longing of helping nature, nations, networks, and families. With globalization and innovation, the world has even smaller, with unlimited possibilities of connection, there is a unique possibility for youngsters to join in solidarity and emphasize real friendship.

Characteristics of young people 

Following are a couple of attributes of a powerful youth

  • Ready to learn
  • Persistent and adaptable
  • Can empower and motivate others
  • They Have a receptive outlook
  • Have great verbal communication
  • Have great listening abilities
  • Be a decent good example
  • Empower others to act
  • Capacity to work with others cooperatively
  • Ready to face the challenge
  • Prepared to be vulnerable.
  • Socially responsible.

One ought to contribute towards the community or engage with any social turn of events. Good governance is attainable when each individual on earth, regardless of gender, colors, cast, and creed, effectively takes an interest in the social campaign for fundamental needs.

Regard for other people

Youths should hold some respect for women, kids, and old individuals. Demonstrating respect for others is the thing that parents must teach their youngsters. The individuals who don’t teach respect to their youngsters themselves don’t get care. Consideration is something youths are overlooking quickly, which only contributes to the deterioration of society.


Youngsters ought to be decision-makers and a problem solver. If you are a youngster or woman, try something new every day, which you would avoid otherwise. Each time, the experiment will add to your confidence level.


Adolescents ought to be prepared to lend a helping hand towards others. They ought to figure out how to help a companion in bad times. Youngsters need to build up that generosity in them. Helping other people is something endorsed by all religions, as well. Helping other people offers harmony to the brain and wins friends over.

So it depends on society how they treat their youngsters.



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