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Feminism | Concept Of Feminism Is It Good Or Bad

Sep 28, 2020 | 0 comments

Feminism is a concept in which men and women have equality in society. The whole idea is about genders having equal opportunities, and its aim is to empowering and respecting women in every field of life.

Concept of feminism

Men criticize the concept of feminism as it creates the feeling that women are heavily suppressed in society. Even if a woman demands gender equality, she prefers saying she’s not a feminist. Most people don’t even know the meaning of feminism. Feminism demands equality for both sexes. It seeks to remove violence against females and brutal treatment by their male partners. I don’t think that demanding justice for women’s community is wrong unless they call it feminism. People all around the world misunderstand this concept.

Feminism quest for achieving social, educational economical, and personal equality of both genders. It’s not only for females. Our society gives more opportunities and privileges to men. And there’s the generally unfair treatment for females. There is a dire need to remove gender stereotypes for the progress and prosperity of a country. They have the right to work alongside men, can the pay gap, the right to receive education, respect equally in marriage and personal life.

Demands of Feminists 

Demands for equal rights, chances, position, and respect for all genders is what the Feminists want. And it isn’t too much. Women should Keep fighting fir their equality, although it makes people uncomfortable. It is not a filthy concept. It doesn’t women hate for men. It’s all about giving women a chance. It implies that women are also humans, just like men. It’s the idea of self-determination; every girl has the right to become herself and do whatever she wants.

Women consider themselves fair supporters of both gender equality, so they should proudly say that we are a feminist and support gender equality.

Concept of Male Vs. Female 

This male versus female must have an end now. God has made them complimentary of each other. They have complete freedom to enjoy their rights. There’s nothing wrong with this concept, and if someone is feminist, we need to take it lightly and welcome warmly.

The majority of people worldwide share their vast beliefs and ideas about gender equality, women and men in public life, and feminism. But still, there are hundreds or thousands of people who resist the concept of gender equality. Millions of people do not support the idea that there should be equality for men and women, and still thousands of people who possessed the notion that we’ve already reached the same status for men and women. There’s a shortage of awareness among the people regarding the concept of feminism. It is widely evident that these particular views on feminism are deeply ingrained in our society and life; we all don’t want to think beyond this limit. If we haven’t faced gender discrimination, we are doubtful even about its presence.

False beliefs of people regarding feminism 

Some people assume that the concept of feminism revolves around the sameness of both genders. So they create a quarrel that men and women are not the same. It is so necessary to understand that sameness doesn’t mean equality. The main problem here is equality in access to everything.

In the present world, Although most people believe in equal opportunities for all. But there’s arise an argument about how this mission should be accomplished. What measures and steps we need to take. In some areas, the condition is even worse than women are supporting feminism. They called is cancer for society. Isn’t it unjust to prevent a specific community from getting equal opportunities for a fair, healthy, and peaceful life?

Reasons behind people hate towards the concept of feminism.

According to my views, people thought feminism is linked with aggressive women, and society wants to punish angry women.

Society fears that it means that men will lose all the authority and power in the community. They believe that women want to let men down and control the whole world.

People feel that feminism will cause damage to their old traditions, customs, and religious beliefs. And it brings negativity in society, relationships, and other aspects of life. Feminism has nothing to do with sexuality.


The mission could be accomplished when women feel free from the standards of society. Free to go out with proper safety without fear of time, dressing, and being alone. When she is encouraged by 

the company receives a quality education and job; she can’t see just as a home maker. 

Gender inequality is like cancer for the whole society. Their goal is to raise voice against injustice and for attaining equal rights. The results of feminism are not gaining peace or obsession and harmony, but removing systems devaluing women.



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