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Classism And National Unity

Sep 17, 2020 | 8 comments


Classism is prejudice, a state of not accepting people belonging to a particular social class. The stereotypes, beliefs and stern opinions that we hold about those different to us are what define classism.

National Unity

National unity refers to solidarity among the citizens. A state of acting as a single body under the banner of your nation. Minimal or perhaps no sectoral practices is what characterizes unity.

Unity Versus Classism :

Classism and National unity… Two exact opposites that we wish to adopt simultaneously in our minds for decades.
Unity is survival and classism is destruction. Unity is anabolism and classism is catabolism. How can we expect unity, like the unity in Azerbaijan, when our every single talk starts with a feeling of superiority and our every single word is embedded in the pool of pride.

Human Nature :

It is human nature to want to categorize things, to make groups and and orders where there is seemingly none. Inequality is not something created by God, it’s the imaginary watershed line created by the cheap mentality infused in our minds. This Inequality is a rallying cry in the world and the same haunts our country today as well.

Classism Roots Out Unity

There can be no national unity as long as there is class difference because CLASSISM DESTROYS UNITY.

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History Says The Importance Of Unity Among Nations

In human history, there were thousand of nations that were destroyed just because they lacked unity and they had given free place to class difference. History says :
• “We all are equal in rights, dignity and self respect.” highlighted by Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
• “Without class difference, England would cease to be the living theater it is,” punctuated by Anthony Burgess.
• “I regard class difference as contrary to justice.” Pointed by Albert Einstein
• . “All are equal, all are free.” cried by Barack Obama
• “The biggest divide in this country is not between the democrats and Republicans, its between the people who care and       people who don’t care,” emphasized by Rachel Maddow.
• “Life is about balance, balance between the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the pina and colada.” Proclaimed by Ellen.
This history is set by nature, in the hour of honesty.

What Is The Major Stigma On A Country’s Growth?

A country where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer can never have unity and in reality, they don’t deserve it. The poor who are constantly facing the financial problems suffer from an inferiority complex. Their beloved ones die due to the lack of medical facilities, their children indulge in illegal acts and their families scream out of hunger. Alas they REACT! They start spreading anarchy in the country and they start demanding their rights then they start raising voices against the government. And every single time they raise their voices, they are suppressed and crushed by the government and elites. This scenario creates a tremendous state of classism. Classism that devastates unity.

IMF’S Inflation Report

Under IMF’s austerity measures, inflation has reached an all-time high in Pakistan with the costs being overwhelmingly shouldered by the poor. Rising inequality results in decreasing social cohesion and an increase in violence of all forms. There is a link between inequality and the rising hostility between the two distinct classes of our society.
The poor, frustrated by their never ending suffering, resort to questionable means to get their rights and the rich and in retaliation hinder their path by all means possible. The idea of rich being hurt or being at a disadvantage because of the inferior class of our society improving their lifestyle is a toxic trait that prevails in the status quo. It is this toxicity that hampers the overall progress of our society.

Elites Get Accustomed To The Privileges!

Elites get accustomed to privileges, but the poor never get accustomed to poverty. These ‘Elites’ fear losing their luxuries and the poor strive to lose their poverty.
It has always been the same. The poor struggle to get better at life and the rich get violated. When their plans are cancelled,  they are opposed by inferiority, when taxes are imposed on them, equality movements start rising in the country, when their improvidence s are exposed. They get violated. When their black money and foreign flats are in danger. They get violated, when some honest person comes into power, when time flips their script and equality become a valid prospect, they get violated.

Faulted Tax Structure – Major Reason Of Classism

There is a rapidly growing wealth gap between the rich and the poor. The major reason is that the tax structure in most countries is heavily skewed towards privileging the wealthy. Wealthiest class’s ability to exert an inordinate influence over their respective governments, thus avoiding their social responsibility to give back a part of their wealth, in the form of taxes, is exactly the problem here.
These so called blessed are silently burning the roots of the country. The skunky smoke arising from these burning roots asphyxiates the lower most. Flames of fire from these burnt roots captures them and pushes them downwards and that is exactly what the elites want, pushing away all those that tend to threaten their dominance.


How To Root Out The Classism?

The Government is fighting against enemies located outside the country, while actually missing the true evil residing within. To have unity worth exemplifying, we have to root out classism, balance out the people, burn out the stereotypes and clean out the smudges of pride and superiority. Long story short, there can be no national unity as long as there is class difference.
God knows how to flip the script in time, and then their haughtiness, delusional pride, gluttony and bigotry will show them that their vile was never going to last forever.
Those accustomed to the privileges should have to learn how to live in a world of others and respect others with a sense of equality. They have to set their mind to do their own work and not expect to profit off the efforts of others because Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. And History too, endorses this by saying that rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege.


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    Keep on trying!

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