Effective Communication – Know The Ingredients

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Why effective Communication is important? 

Effective communication is a vital tool for the development of a business. Success of a business depends upon it. Through effective communication, you can explain your business policies to your customers easily. You can answer the questions of customers in your business deals through it. Thus chances of mistakes are reduced.

If you are running a company, effective communication can help you to develop a better working environment. And you can easily persuade your customers through it.

In case of a conflict, effective communication is the best way to resolve it in respectful manner.

A study conducted by Mckinsay Global Institute showed that most of the employees spent 30 percent time on emails. Moreover, for meetings, conference calls and presentation also the communication skills are very important.

What you can do to make your Communication Effective?

To ensure the effectiveness of your communication, you have to follow the 7 C’s of Effective Communication.

What is meant by 7 C’s of Effective Communication?

It means the seven essential principles of communication starting with the letter C. These principles are applicable to oral as well as written communication. These principles are:


First of all message should be clear and free from any ambiguity. You should make the recipient understand that why is he receiving this message from you. If there are multiple purposes, you should explain them separately.

Secondly, the content should be simple and easily understandable. Wording and sentences should be simple and fluent. If there are multiple paragraphs, each should explain one point or thing. Last sentence of each paragraph should indicate the idea of next paragraph.


Information being delivered must be correct. There should be no grammatical or writing mistakes. If reader finds such kind of mistakes, it may be harmful to your credibility.

While using technical terms in your message, make sure that the recipient has sufficient knowledge to understand these terms.

Avoid spelling mistakes in order to diminish the possibility of misinterpretation.


Incomplete information wastes time and energy. It also harms your credibility.

So your message must deliver the complete information. For example a meeting is going to held between you and recipient. Your message must contain the exact time and location of the meeting.

Completeness of message persuades the recipient and help him taking better decision. It should not leave questions in the mind of recipient.


Your message should be concrete. Which means that it should be based on solid arguments. It must contain reliable facts and figures. There should be no space for misinterpretation.

Avoid using vague and multi meaning words. It will deliver the correct interpretation of your message to the recipient. Thus you can save the recipient from ambiguity. It will definitely increase your reputation.


Your message should be concise. It means that you should avoid adding irrelevant details in your message. It should be compact, precise and to the point. Thus you can explain more things using fewer words. A concise message is more appealing and comprehensive.

We can say that if you can explain something in 5 lines, then there is no need to write 10 lines about it. Small number of words is easy to read and understand. There are less chances of confusion while understanding a precise message as compared to a lengthy one.


You should take your audience into consideration. While writing a message you have to consider their education, background, knowledge, mindset and nature. You should address them keeping in view their interests, needs, emotions and self respect.

You must show respect and interest towards your audience. In this way you will get a positive response from their side.


Your behavior towards the audience should be polite and respectful. You must take into consideration the feelings and viewpoints of your audience. Your message should be positive and focused on your audience. It must be unbiased.


Effective communication is a critical skill. While working in a team, it helps you make healthy relationships with your colleagues. Following 7 C’s of effective communication, you can become a good communicator and boost your career growth.

If you own a business, you can help it grow rapidly by following 7 C’s of Communication.



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