Why Personality Development is necessary?

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What is Personality Development?

The process of developing and enhancing the personality of  a person is known to be personality development. Personality development helps to improve confidence level and self esteem of an individual. It has a positive impact especially on communication skills of an individual.

Personality development determines how a persons sees the world. It also results in the development of positive attitude.

Why personality Development is important?

It grooms yourself and makes you able to lead the life in your own way. Instead of blindly following others, it makes you see the world from your own point of view. Furthermore, importance of personality development can be explained in the following way.

It reduces stress

Personality development encourages you to focus on the positive aspects of life. Thus you can face even the worst problems having a smile on your face. Half of the problems get solved through stress reduction.

Development of positive attitude

It tells you to avoid unnecessary criticism on others. Instead of criticizing someone, you can analyze the situations and find out some possible solutions.

Besides this, it helps in developing respectful behavior towards others. Being a rude person you can never get respect from others. But showing a polite behavior can enhance your respect in front of others.


If a person is unpunctual, he can not deal his routine matters in a batter way. As a result, he loses his credibility in front of others. But, on the other hand, if he fulfills his responsibilities in a punctual way, there are more chances of his success.

Factors Which Determine Your Personality

1-Inborn traits

Characteristics acquired from parents as inborn traits play a role in your personality. They determine your body weight, shape and physique. These traits also have a direct impact on your personality.


The environment in which a person spent his years of early growth is important to a huge extent. It plays basic role in the determination of personality of an individual. This environment is dependent upon the family background and culture. It is the environment which shapes the personality of an individual.

3-Changing Circumstances

Behavior and personality of a person change with the changing circumstances. For example, a person having sufficient savings in his bank would definitely show positive behavior. While a person who is bankrupt and has no savings will show a different kind of behavior. This behavior will definitely shape his personality in a different way.

How can you develop your personality?

1-Positive Thoughts

Try to be an optimistic person. Always hope for good. Also, try to focus at the positive aspects of your life and start thinking at a broader level. Don’t get  stuck or demotivated by minor problems. Broadness of your thinking solves many of your problems.

2-Polite Behavior

Don’t be a rude person. Show politeness and sympathy towards the people around you. Always remain co-operate with others in solving their issues. It will positively impact your personality. As well as, people will start respecting you.

3-Avoid Backbiting And Unnecessary Criticism

Don’t always find faults in others. Try to ignore their faults. Similarly, if you criticize someone unnecessarily, it will have a bad impression on your personality. Dishonesty and cheating exploits your personality.

So try not to interfere in the personal matters of others. Always ignore the faults of others and try to highlight their good deeds. Being honest and truthful to others helps a lot in your personality development.

4-Be confident

Lack of confidence is a hindrance on the track of personality development. Interact more with society in order to enhance your confidence level. It will also have a positive effect on your personality.

5-Co-operate with others

Always be co-operative with others. If you know something that can be helpful in solution of someone’s problem, do share it. Sharing of knowledge will not reduce your knowledge, rather it will enhance your credibility and respect.

6-Speak less, listen more

You need to be a good listener. Speaking less, listening more will help you understand better what the other person wants from your side. Through better understanding, you can also help him more. Moreover, it will definitely enhance your respect.

7-Good character

Good character is a basic need for personality development. If you have a good character everyone will accept your point of view and give respect to you. For a good character you must have following characteristics.

  • Honest
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Patience

8-Good clothing

No one would like to interact with the person having dirty or scruffy appearance.

Good attire has a great impression on your personality. It is more appealing. So try to dress well in order to have a good impression on your personality.

9-Good communication skills

A person having good communication skills knows well how to deal with and interact with others. He can also deliver his message in a better way. Moreover, he can easily convince his audience. It is helpful in the improvement of his credibility and personality.


Without knowledge, personality is imperfect. Knowledge makes you aware of the circumstances and act accordingly. It makes the things solids and provides grounds to hold your stance regarding any issue. Thus it improves your personality.

11-Body language

It is non formal communication. Body movements like eye contact during conversation has a good impact on your personality. Posture and facial expressions during conversation make you more confident and definitely improve your personality.


Positive and influential personality helps you to deal your matters more effectively and in a better way. In your career, you are supposed to pass from difficult and complex situations. But if you have a good and influential personality, you can sort out all matters easily without having any stress upon you.

We can say that a good personality boosts your confidence and enhances your performance at your field of work. Which is a guarantee to your success in the career.



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