Are You A Good Listener? Qualities Of Good Listener

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Being a good listener is one of the most enchanting and essential life skills anyone can have; still, few of us know how to be a good listener.

Not because we don’t want to but because no one has taught us how and why no one has listened to us. We come to social life; we become greedy to speak rather than listen. Hungry to meet others but reluctant to hear them, friendships crumble into a socialized egoism.

Like most other things, it is about education; our civilization is full of great books on how to speak, but there should be a book on listening techniques. 

There is a variety of things that a good listener is doing that makes it so tempting to spend time in your company.

It is hard to know our own Minds, often worrying in the vicinity of something. But do not quite close in on what’s really exciting or bothering us. We usually benefit from encouragement to elaborate and go into greater detail to further push into. Rather than saying something else, we need someone who says those two Magic words, “Go on.”

The excellent listener urges clarifications. It is fatally easy to say vague things, we mention that something is Lovely or terrible, pleasant or annoying, but we don’t really explore why we feel this way. 

The friend who listens often has a friendly and fruitful suspicion of some of our first comments. And it is after the deeper emotions that they are creeping in the background.

Unfortunate Standards

Unfortunately, the standard for listening was settled so far as many people thought that when someone is speaking to you, you should not have to talk; an important ethic, but it does not make you a good listener. Who knows whether you are listening or not? 

The second thing that’s often found in many people is the facial expression for the people who believe that letting others know that you are listening to them through your facial expressions or some verbal sound. Well, both things do not make you a good listener; you do not need to pretend to be a good listener; you have to be a good listener.

In fact, many managerial advises on the Singh suggested following these stupid habits that only make you pretend as a listener does not actually mean to.

Let us discuss who the actual Is? What are its qualities, and what habits do you have to adapt to be a good listener?

Let’s get started first as a good listener is much more than the person who is silent while the other person is talking. A good listener is someone who does not pretend like he is listening, but unfortunately, people save this kind of person as a good listener.

Listening Is More Than Being Silent

 Rather than being silent, a good listener Bella their interactions towards others for staff will cause breathlessness passively and make the conversation and on the positive note. He builds up a person’s self-esteem and makes him feel comfortable and supported.

Good Listener Is Cooperative

A good listener always has a Cooperative conversation. They give valuable feedback and end to make suggestions for our listeners. They are like sponges; they absorb almost everything from you; they absorb the energies and make you feel more confident.

Listening is Win-Win

A good listener always keeps in mind that it is a Win-Win situation. As long as you listen carefully, you will also get the value of a response from others, and you have to build up the relationship with more people. Just like whatever you give to others will get back to you.

Summarize Your Listening

It has been observed that people forget the whole conversation for a short time. Therefore summarizing what you have listened to is a great technique to remember. If you get a chance to attend somebody’s speech and you want not to forget what the speaker is saying, the best ways to have a summary about it would stop taking a notebook out, make some points over it, and save it for your future use.

Try To Listen to Others

When you are listening to somebody, try to listen to them. Just make yourself present there and do not interrupt while somebody is talking; do not jump over it with your own solutions. If you are not in the state of listening to somebody, say it clear to them. Don’t interrupt when someone else explains every bit to you while you cannot listen to them. Just don’t waste energy as well as other people.

Listening Always Have Positive Effects

Good listeners have a great habit of sharing their own thoughts or even their. similar situations, this definitely affects your conversation positively, and you will probably sum up your discussion on the healthy note.

While listening, always make sure to leave your smartphone aside because it is incredibly annoying for the person who is talking to you and yourself. It drags your attention from the conversation as the notifications on your mobile phones bother you and the speaker person.

Listening Is Important In Communication

Listening is the ability to receive and interpret the whole conversation. It makes us demonstrate the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of another person. It helps to create a better relationship. When two persons stop talking to each other, this situation often leads to misunderstanding. While listening is much more than hearing someone’s words. It involves your attention towards the person who is speaking to you. You must have to listen to them. 

From listening to others, you will get to know how to speak and convey what you want to convey to others. Listening can improve your confidence and increased your vocabulary as well as helps you in pronunciation. However, until now, the listing is the only tool to learn anything. for example, if you want to learn a language, you will definitely have to listen to somebody who is specialized in the language you want to learn. Therefore, listening is a powerful tool, so always try to listen to learn something.



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