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Oct 12, 2020 | 2 comments

Why think of past or a bright future when you have the present in front of you!!!

Eckard Tolle, the author of the famous book “The power of now “discovered the power of now. He used to be in depression until he was 29 years of age. He changed his situation by being in present, not paying attention to unnecessary thoughts and became less anxious.

One day he observed each and everything in his home and loved the aliveness of everything. He then travelled the city and observed the beauty around. There were many things that he ignored and missed when he travelled the city before. He was about to suicide but upon listening to the chirping of birds, he closed his eyes and felt the emotion. He met many spiritual teachers after that and after year of study he practiced enlightenment.

His 29 years of were in depression but he is now living a very peaceful life and is an example to many people. He has transformed many lives through his lessons.

His book “The power of now” was international bestseller and it is one of the best books I have read. It has honestly transformed my life. On daily basis we are so busy with our tasks that we either regret not performing our tasks efficiently or get anxious of performing any tasks with perfection but after reading this book I have become calm and composed.

Whenever I perform any task, I try to focus on the task instead of thinking how will I be able to perform such a difficult task. Though the power of now cannot be achieved overnight but we can still try our level best to be present in small moments so we can be fully present in important and big moments of bright future.

How To Get A Bright Future

Don’t get distracted by the thoughts of past and future!!!

A lot of times we get distracted by the thoughts of past and future and do not pay attention to the present moment. Present moment is all we have. We can obviously plan anything of future and also think of any past mistake and learn from it. Everything is done in the present. The best think is to pay brief visits to past and bright future when required.

Make the now your primary focus!!!

Whatever difficult moment it is, accept it and don’t work against it. It is ok to have sad feelings but do not let the negative feelings turn into thinking. Thinking bad will eventually create obstacle in focusing on present moment.

Where ever you are be totally there!!!

Whenever there is a bad situation, first of all drop the negativity, because negatively will definitely come in our way of making decisions. There are times when people are so motivated to work but one negative thought can ruin everything. In case of negativity all we can do is to accept the situation or leave it. If you want the solution to your problems, three things can be done.

  1. Remove yourself from the situation.
  2. Change the situation.
  3. Accept it completely.

Everything has to be done now which means in the present moment. We all must learn to acknowledge the fear of any bad situation, be fully aware of our feelings, watch it, take actions and totally be in the moment. Problems should be solved according to priority. Think of today’s problem not next year’s.

Two types of pain!!!

There are two types of pain. One is of past and the other is of present. If a person had a painful past, instead of moving on, he keeps regretting and does not look for positive things in the present moment it will eventually result in the pain of past and present. A good future depends upon good present. Hence a ruined past and present will definitely ruin the future.

Be a good listener!!!

Being a good listener is an amazing thing. Giving time and attention to someone can be the biggest gift ever. We all must learn to listen to people and try to be a reflective listener. Try to be totally present when listening to people. Acknowledge what people say and try to give them solutions.

Listening is such an amazing thing that it can resolve any conflict. In any relationship it is very important to give space and be a good listener, listen to understand rather than to respond. In this way, they can express well. Avoid accusing other and defending ourselves, we must instead try to understand other people’s emotions and feelings. By being a good listener we can totally be in our present moment. It clearly means being in a present moment helps us to improve our listening abilities and relations with other people.


• Think of planning a vacation

• Think of your pending tasks to be management tomorrow.

(Try to do it at one instance)
Can you do it?

It is an obvious thing that you cannot think of both the things at a time. Both have different emotions, one is excitement and other is anxiety. If we try to do it we cannot think of any one thing clearly.

Full consciousness ends the drama of your life!!!

Bad things occur in our life due to unconsciousness. We all must be fully aware of our surroundings. If we become self-aware and fully accept the situation that will help in ending the drama of life and create mental peace. We must not argue and accept the situation to avoid the conflict.

Stop Procrastination!!!

Most of the times we procrastinate. By delaying work we cannot achieve things on time. Procrastination can lead to depression, anxiety, low confidence and low self-esteem. Procrastination can be overcome by setting deadlines for your goals and eventually meeting the goals without wasting time. But everything is done now which means in the present moment.

You are what you think you are!!!

You are what you think you are. So instead of thinking negative and attracting it, we must think positive and attract positivity in our lives. If we accept the current situation and be content with it, we will start seeing changes in our life. We will have peace of mind. We will not complain about the situations and things surrounding us but we will focus on taking action instead if there is anything that needs to change.

A sun spreads positivity every day!!!

Take an example of a sun. Every day it radiates the rays. The rays fall on different directions and spreads positivity everywhere. The sun does not have any other choice but to spread rays and positivity. We must also live such life. Instead of overthinking, we must expect less and focus on accepting the situations and spreading positivity. It is all about our subconscious mind, we must train our mind to accept the reality and expect less every day to maintain positivity.

End of Egoism!!!

Egoism is not good for our mental health. We must be enlightened enough to maintain peace with ourselves. Sometimes we say ”I cannot live with myself”. In this sentence I is our identity and myself is our ego. We must try to overcome our egoistic nature. The best thing is to observe everything around us; the room we enter, the temperature of the room, interior of the room, the material of the things around us.

Instead of listening of all the voices in our head, we must pay attention to our surroundings. By doing this we can focus more on our blessings, be grateful for all the blessings and will thank God. We will also consider the things we have to be precious, as we will start noticing that there are few people who do not have such blessings in their lives and consider us lucky.

Power of present moment can be achieved on daily basis!!!

Power of present moment can be attained with practice daily. If we focus completely on the tasks we perform, we can be powerful. For example while washing hands, we must pay attention to our senses. We must smell the soap, feel the water. While going upstairs, we must observe our each step. We must look around and see the minor details which we ignore on daily basis. By doing this, our minds will be trained and in case of any urgent matter we will automatically face the situation by being in the present moment.


Power of present moment is very important. 90% of the things that we constantly think of are those which are not even important and will not happen. So the best think is to go with the flow and focus on making the present moment perfect to make our bright future. Take the things and life situations as they come.

Do not be afraid, acknowledge it and take action. Control your mind and do not let the mind control you. Obviously controlling mind is a big thing. One of the most important advice that I have heard is to delay our thoughts instead of denying and neglecting. Because our minds can accept to delay certain thoughts but cannot neglect the thoughts. The art of life definitely lies in the present moment. And surely you will get a bright future by just living your present moments.



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