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Stay Active During Work | 10 Tips To Follow

Sep 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Hey freelancers out there! In this article, I am going to share 10 most effective tips to stay active during work.

I’ve been working a desk job for about 1 year now. It’s really hard to stay active physically in a freelancing job. 

We spend most of our time in setting and too much sitting can effects our health badly. In 2020 most people are doing their jobs and studies from home, it’s a really big challenge for their health.

Burning calories and staying active doesn’t require expensive gym and treatments.

As a health blogger and lifelong learner, I’ve found unique and easy ways to stay active throughout the day.

Just try these  activities every day and stay active during work, both mentally and physically.

1.Exercises at your workspace.

Try some lower body exercises during work. Try to push up on your toes, move your head left-right often, take deep breaths, and try some easy yoga pose during work. These exercises can activate your body and mind during work. Some times try to solve some puzzles or tasks. 

2.Stay hydrated.

During work keep your self hydrated. water maintains your body temperature and transport nutrients to give energy to your body and keep you active. Keep a water bottle on the workplace and often hydrates your self through the water. You can also drink fresh juices. Avoid extra sugar drinks during work.

3.Use breaks

Take lunch breaks for a healthy lunch meal. Eat fruit salad, green vegetables, and some healthy food. If you are working in an office try to keep a lunch box with you. Use washroom break, visit your colleagues, use stairs, or drink coffee during the break. Don’t eat a lot in the lunch break that can make you sleepy and lazy.

4.Set reminders.

Set reminders during work. If you have a large amount of work, divide it into pieces, and set reminders. Use real-time cue, sat an alarm for your important meeting or phone call. For the active mind set an alarm after 30 minutes that keeps your mind active.

5.Listen to music.

During work, breaks try to listen to some active beats that can change your mood and keep your mind active. Music can also produce energy in your mind. Music can relax your mind and body, it also diverts your mind from stress to peace. Try to listen to your favorite beats and create a work time playlist.

6.Eat chocolate.

Chocolate is a source of iron. Eating chocolate bars during work is a fun and healthy activate. Chocolate is a kind of energy bar because it helps to keep your mind active. it also changes your taste and mood while working. Try to eat dark chocolate during work.

7.walk often.

During washroom break try to walk extra. If you are in the office visit to your colleagues. Take stairs during the break. Walking is really helpful for an active body. 

8.Use a standup workplace.

If you are working from home then try to use a standup workstation. Use a high desk table for your laptop or computer. If it is not possible then often get standup during work because too much sitting can harm your body badly. Try some exercises mentioned above(Exercises at your workspace)

9.Positive attitude.

Keep your mood happy and positive during work. It’s really hard to be positive under work pressure. A positive attitude during work is a secret of the success of a person. Try to convert your negatives thoughts into positive once and stay active.

10.Keep your mind motivated.

Always try to listen to a successful personality and gets some motivation thoughts. A motivational mind is more active than a normal mind. Make some ideal personality and try to follow them. During work remember your achievements and goals.

Some Fun Activities for Freelancers.

How To Become A Successful Freelancer In The Philippines | Edukasyon.ph

Cooking. Try to cook some easy recipes for you during the break. Spend some time in the kitchen and learn new things. It’s a really fun and helpful activity for a freelancer.

Cardio exercises. Swimming, dancing, walking, running, and yoga are very useful cardio exercises. Try to take interest in these exercises.

Do cardio exercises twice a week for an active body and mind.

Visit your friends. Try to visit your friends and spend a joyful time with them it’s really fun therapy for a stressful mind. Visit your good friends and let them know about your routines and problems.

In this article, I shared my personal experiments. I hope you get helpful points and activities ideas. Comment down your feedback.



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