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diet plan during periods
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Diet plan during Periods |Food to avoid during your periods

Sep 21, 2020 | 2 comments

Many females have uncomfortable symptoms during periods such as headaches, mood swings, abdominal cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. A proper diet plan can reduce these symptoms, while other food can make them more painful and worse.
If you experience any of these symptoms you must have to change your diet plan during periods.

Diet plan during Periods |Food to avoid during your periods.

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Food to eat


Nuts are a great source of protein. They are rich in omega 3, magnesium, and variance vitamins. Nuts reduce uncomfortable symptoms during periods. If you don’t have nuts or you don’t want to eat nuts, try some nuts based food products like nut milk, nut chocolate, or nut butter.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has iron and magnesium properties. it is a really tasty and healthy snack. Research says that you are more likely to have PMS symptoms if you are a magnesium deficient. Also, it is rich in magnesium.


Water is very important during periods. It maintains your body temperature and transport nutrients to give energy to your body. Besides this, water hydrate your body and reduce the symptoms of dehydration headaches.

Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water and keep healthy.

Fruits and green vegetables

Watermelon, cucumber, or water-rich fruits keep you hydrated and reduce the sugar craving during periods.

Iron is really important, green vegetables such as spinach will boost your iron level.

Ginger and turmeric

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect that can reduce certain symptoms such as nausea and vomiting during periods.

Turmeric helps in healing procedures. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory. Drink turmeric milk during periods.

Food To Avoid


Alcohol can dehydrate your body, also can have a negative effect on your body. It may increase headaches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Spicy Food

Spicy food can damage the stomach, giving them nausea, and diarrhea. Stop eating spicy food during periods.

Red meat

Red meat is rich in iron but it also rich in prostaglandins. A high level of prostaglandins causes cramps during periods.


Coffee can cause headaches during periods. It also causes digestive issues. Avoid the use of coffee during periods.


Always drink normal and freshwater. Coldwater might increase your cramp.

Important Tips to reduce cramps during periods

Exercise: Light cardio exercises such as yoga, can reduce periods cramps.

Massage: Massage your stomach and back can reduce cramps.

Medication: In some cases, medication can help to reduce symptoms such as bloating.



  1. Afreen Ch

    Wow that’s really helpful. 💓

  2. Ethan_Clark

    Period diet is a diet that is followed during menstruation. It aims mainly to provide better nutrition during this time, along with reducing the intensity of pain. A healthy, well-balanced diet is a must to avoid the painful time of the month. According to a research by The Gynecology Center,Sweden, leafy vegetables can benefit the body during periods. Apart from being rich in iron and B-vitamins, their high fibre count also can help with the digestive issues often associated with the menstrual cycle. Food rich in good fats or omega-3, such as nuts, can be helpful and more more filling than the junk food during periods. Fruits are another kind of food that can aid period-related digestive problems. Fibre in whole grains, just like the fruits, will help one stay regular during the periods. Whole grains also include carbohydrates, which provide important vitamins and minerals. It is important to increase the iron intake during periods to compensate for what is lost during each month. Iron helps in avoiding anemia and symptoms that can go along with it. Eating red meat helps in getting sufficient iron from food. In Case of non meat-eaters, taking alternative supplements to maintain adequate iron stores is a must.


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