A Day That I Spent In The Stone Age

Sep 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Today was a normal April day. I ate my breakfast and then went to my office. When i came back from my office, it was exactly 8:oo pm. I was soooo tired that I did not even eat my dinner!!!! As soon as i hit my pillow, I fell asleep !

At 1:00 in the morning, there appeared a portal in place of my cozy BED!! I fell straight through the portal, in the same position as that of me in bed, onto an animal skin!! And instead of my lovely house i was in a cave covered of animal skin!!

When I came back to my senses, I came out of “my” cave to explore this world (which was actually STONE AGE). There were people in the bushes, who basically everyone could see, did their business. I was wearing animal skin in place of my pajamas and nothing was there in place of my comfy sweater. Then saw some people making those “clothes” out of animal skin. They CHEWED the animal skins to make them flexible. Later on, I saw them smoking the skins to make them last longer. For the shoes, they wrapped animal skin and tied I around their heels. Now, they stuffed hay under their heels and tied it with a thick, net shaped string to hold them. I copied them.

I went to the river nearby to wash my face. After I washed my face, I noticed my reflection. My hair was A MESS. I suddenly became soo muscular that I could NOT believe my eyes!! And my eyebrows had grown so thick that it looked like a UNIBROW!

Now, it was time for breakfast. For breakfast, I had eggs and some wild berries and fruits. I cooked the eggs on a stone stove. First I lit the fire by rubbing 2 big sturdy and dry sticks patiently. And finally, oh finally the fire lit up. I picked 3 flat stones then I set the first 2 stones in sides of the fire vertically. Then, I set the 3rd stone on top of the 2 stones horizontally. It took me a half an hour to think up that stove of the stone age made of stone. I fried my eggs on the stove I made. For my spoon, there was a seashell attached to a stick. All that thinking made me kinda hungry. Then, I ate my breakfast peacefully.

I then noticed that there were some more huts there and then I counted them and the final answer was a total of  25-50 huts.

It was dusk already and it was time to go hunting. Luckily, I didn’t need to do that alone because the stone age men helped me. They survived because of each other. They hunted together, they fished together and helped each other.

Now, coming to the subject, that is hunting.

They used the spears and hammers made of stone as weapons. In the very beginning of stone age, people used cries, howls and gestures to express their feelings.

There were only 2 main hunting techniques we could use that were:

1.It included digging a hole where the animal comes to drink, then hide and wait patiently.

2.Another technique is that your group chases the animal into mud and water, where it had no chance of getting out of your hand.

We saw a deer and ran after it but it got away.

We still needed something for our tribe, so we moved onto fishing.

We made nets through tree bark and grass. There were harpoons too, buuutttt they were used for bigger fishes like whales and swordfish. The harpoons were made from horns of wild animals. Now, I threw the net in the water. I waited for a while and I got a catch! We did not had to be hungry after all. I ate my dinner and fell asleep.

I woke up tomorrow and was NOT surprised because I now knew that I was living in stone age. I ate my breakfast and when I got out of my cave, I tripped over a rock and in place where I had to land, there appeared the same portal that had taken me to the stone age. I fell straight on my soft bed!!! I was so surprised that I laid there for an HOUR!!

Then, after I got my senses back, I thought it was all a bad dream and started on with my life. But guess what,



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