Never let a setback bring you down
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Never Let a Setback Bring You Down

Sep 14, 2020 | 0 comments

Sara graduated from a well-known institute with an interior designing degree. She was an ambitious girl who always aspired to be an interior designer. Sara was super-excited as she had finally started looking up for clients. She was sure that her unique aesthetic sense would definitely please her clients just like few of her instructors.

Fast forward to six months, a university friend Bano came over to meet Sara. To her despair, Sara was a completely different girl now.
The girl who would brighten up the space solely with her presence was really depressed and on the verge of giving up on her interior designing career. What could have possibly happened? Bano thought to herself.
“I give up Bano, I am unable to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I know I’m a loser..”, Sara said dismally.

Upon insisting, Sara opened up about her journey.

She started off by describing how excited she was to land her first client. Also she took the project and completed the task within the given time frame. However, the client did not like her work and disregarded her aesthetics sense. Sara was upset as she had worked really hard for the opening project of career. Nonetheless, she continued working effortlessly. One after the other, the displeasure of the clients began to demotivate her. She left no stone unturned to provide the best of her services but the distinctiveness of her perspectives did not complement the clients’ taste. Hence the challenges of the real world dejected her, overshadowed her creativity and made her feel like a total failure.

Why do we feel depressed after a setback?

Demotivating and woebegone statements like “I can’t do this”, “I’m not sure if I would be able to achieve anything”, “This isn’t my cup of tea” are frequently heard and said by many of us. Such pessimistic thoughts cross our minds immediately when we encounter a setback. We often tend to give up really easily. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the shame of failure takes over all the positive energy and leads towards despair in no time.

Why do you think such thoughts cross our minds? Yes, you’re right. It’s the lack of will power and consistency that drives such impressions! Each day, numerous people lose hope and begin to consider themselves worthless. In some instances, the driving force behind such demotivation can be the ill-response of the surrounding people or the unproductive circumstances of a person. Still and all, it is important to realize that regardless of the circumstances, every individual has a quality which is unique to him and all he needs to do is to polish those skills in order to be successful.

Here goes a list of a few essential attributes that everyone should adopt to be successful.

  • Have patience and Faith in God

The first and foremost step to be successful is to trust the Almighty. The Lord has a plan for everyone and everything, and you need to keep your faith firm. You need to know that if something is meant for you, nobody can steal it from you. At the same time, don’t rush things. All you need will come to you at the right time.

  • Will Power and Motivation

One crucial step towards the staircase of success has to be the will power. Nobody can achieve anything unless he or she desires for it. So either you want to be a musician, a chef or an artist, the first thing you need is the motivation to chase you dreams. Always stay connected to your roots and values and keep yourself motivated.

  • Self-Reflection

The term self-reflection is underrated to an extent where it is considered unnecessary for personal growth. Contrarily, it won’t be wrong to say that self-reflection is the primary ingredient for a person’s fortune. Nobody can excel in life without knowing his worth. So evolve yourself and your emotional well-being from time and again because nobody can ever understand you better than yourself. Be confident of your life goals and stay focused. Don’t let distractions come into your path of success.

  • Adapt yourself to the surroundings

Despite being highly skilled and experienced, one needs to adapt himself to the changing world trends. Keeping yourself and your business up-to-date is an inevitable need of the modern world or else others would cast you off. The never-ending competition of this world is led by the ones who know how to improve themselves according to the requirements of the rapidly changing world.

  • Always embrace the Optimistic approach

Last but not the least; you need to adopt an optimistic mindset for your inner peace and well-being. Despite of all the negativity and tragedies going on in life, optimism is the key to your happiness. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people focus on pessimism more than anything. They would discuss your failures mercilessly. People neglect your success stories.

Especially during this era of social media, where everyone relentlessly comments on others’ life without considering the impact of their words on someone’s life, being optimistic is essential for the mental well-being of a person. Making irrelevant comparisons between people from completely different backgrounds and social positions adds fuel to the fire.

Hence, you should know the point where you need to optimize the priorities of your life. The harshness of this cruel world must never stray you from the path of success. It is important to accept the fact that you cannot please everyone, neither should it be any of your life goals. Only you know the struggles and hard work behind your achievements, so work hard in silence and let success make all the noise!


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