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French Bulldogs- 8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About French Bulldog Dog Breed

Jan 10, 2021 | 0 comments

Known as the clown of all dog breeds, the French bulldogs are a domestic breed that results from the cross between toy bulldogs from England and local ratters of Paris. These dogs are smart and have a sweet nature. They have plenty of energy and they enjoy being on their owner’s laps as well. 

In this blog post, you are going to read interesting things about Frenchies. We will cover:

  • History
  • Nature
  • Temperament 
  • Behavior 
  • Mood swings and much more

So let’s read 8 fun facts you didn’t know about the French bulldog dog breed!

1. History Of French Bulldogs:

French bulldogs are a mixed breed of terrier and raptor dogs. Breeders mate bulldogs for non-supporting reasons since 1800. When bullfighting was getting applauded by the English people of England, they suffered ignorance and turned out to be an ill-bred breed. As a result, these Frenchies became common in England by 1850.

At the same time, lace workers were displaced from Nottingham because of the industrial revolution. They started migrating towards France and settled in different slums there. They brought many dogs with them, including French bulldogs. After that, the dogs became popular in France, and the citizens started importing bulldogs and took it as a trade. The small bulldogs slowly got recognized as a breed and eventually named French bulldogs. 

2. French Bulldogs Can’t swim:

Photo Credits: LuvBat

French bulldogs have a small frame. Their body structure is also heavier than their front, for which they find it hard to swim. They are not splendid swimmers. If you are a bulldog owner, you need to keep an eye on it. Make sure your puppies have no access to pools and other water bodies. 

3. Nature Of French Bulldogs:

         Photo by Abhi Bakshi on Unsplash

Frenchies are friendly, charming, and adorable. Besides, people often say that its best quality is their charming attitude and adaptability. These dogs love everyone they meet and seek anyone who can provide them a lap. Furthermore, they are pride as the clowns of the dogs’ world for their fun-loving personality. 

Frenchies are playful, affectionate to their owners, and make great relationships with other family members and companions. In fact, they can love you with all their strength.

4. Brachycephalic Syndrome In French Bulldogs:

French bulldogs are prone to breathing problems. They have more tissue inside the muzzle than its space. Because of narrow nostrils, small facial bones, and flat faces, they suffer shortness of breath, snoring, and wheezing.  This syndrome is referred to as Brachycephalic Syndrome.

Since breeders tried to breed bulldogs from different local dogs of small muzzle size, bulldogs got uneven and complicated face structures because of their unnatural evolution. 

Due to heatstroke, dehydration, or even stress, they suffer various breathing disorders that may range from minor to major issues. Despite that, surgical and medical treatments are available for the cure.

I would recommend you not to take your Frenchie on flights, exercises, and long walks.

5. HeatStroke In French Bulldogs:

Veterinary by listening to a French bulldog dog in his clinic   Photo Credits: Starwood

French bulldogs have a single skin and muscle coat which makes them more sensitive than other usual dogs. That’s why they can’t handle heat and cold very well. Besides this, they have a compromised body system that can’t regulate their temperature according to the surroundings. French bulldogs can quickly get cold and are liable to heatstroke as well.

 What should I do to prevent my French Bulldog from heatstroke?

  1. Keep them indoors on extremely hot and cold days. 
  2. Keep them in a ventilated and air-conditioned environment. It helps to maintain body temperature. 
  3. Remember to take your dog to the vet regularly for better overall health checkups.
  4. Most importantly, make sure you adapt your Frenchie from a reputable and known breeder who provides its health clearances.

6. Behavioral Problem In French Bulldogs:

Frenchies can’t live without their owners. They become distressed and suffer anxiety when left alone in the home. These dogs show very nonsense behavior sometimes, to find their mean thing or person, Frenchies can even hurt you. They have a loose temper. 

Possessive Dog Breed:

French bulldogs are possessive creatures and don’t let their owners go anywhere. They keep following and chasing their owners everywhere. It is very hard to get rid of this clingy behavior. But it sounds cute. 

I usually hide myself to avoid my Frenchie. He keeps chasing and finding me, and this game becomes hide and seek! Well, it proves that Frenchie bulldogs really love their owners. However, you can control this weird addiction if you leave your Frenchie alone for a long period.

 French Bulldogs Bark A lot!

Bulldogs don’t bark frequently, but they become too noisy sometimes. If you are a peace-loving person, it is better to not get a Frenchie as they keep snoring, barking, and making strange noises for no reason. And if you have more than one bulldog , then you already know that they like to talk to each other. 

Destructive chewing:

Chewing is a normal habit of all dog breeds. If we talk about French bulldogs, they do destructive chewing. Frenchies love to nibble and grind soft things. Tissue rolls, papers,  sofa, beauty blender, sponges, and body massager are the favorites of bulldogs. And they love to tear and ruin home appliances and small things. 

 7. French Bulldog Is A Stubborn Dog Breed:

Frenchies are people-oriented dogs. You can train them easily. They have a tendency to become quiet and stubborn. We should train them with patience and praise. These dogs love food rewards and treats, so you can easily handle your Frenchie by providing his favorite treats.

 As I mentioned above, they are sensitive and notice everything. Bulldogs get hurt easily on little things. If you scold or shout at them, they become shy and reserved. Therefore, handle them with lots of love positivity. 

8. French Bulldogs Are Easy To Groom:


Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

French bulldogs are relatively easy to groom. This dog breed is an average fur shredder, so they need only occasional brushing to keep their coat clean. 

  1. Whenever you are grooming them, check grime, detritus, and any dirt first. Maggots and lice also stuck on their body skin.
  2. Clean their eyes regularly with a warm cloth piece too.
  3. Trimmed their nails once a week as well.

Let’s Recap:

  1. French bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, have a pushed-in face that has tiny facial bones and a non-adjustable muzzle. Therefore, they suffer from shortness of breath and face difficulty to inhale oxygen. 
  2. People call Frenchies the clowns of the dog world.
  3. French bulldogs have a clingy and stubborn personality.
  4. Frenchies are flat-shaped and a tiny dog breed.
  5. Bulldogs experience separation anxiety if left alone. French bulldogs hate to be left alone without their owners. These bulldogs like to be in contact with humans. 



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