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Too Much Technology: Good or Bad

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Nowadays, every person holds a phone or tablet. Their eyes glued to its screen. Their ears listening intently for any sound of a message. Their noses an inch away from the screen. People sitting in beautiful parks, ignoring the greenery, and starting at their gadgets. Their gadgets controlling them and stopping them from socializing. ‘Who needs to go to a friend’s house to chat and have fun when you can just sit by the fireplace and have long conversations on your phone?’ they protest.

Are you plugged in or turned out? Well… that’s a bit obvious. Technologies take you away from the real world.  They shape our lives in a negative way. You become cut off from the social world. You live your life in your gadgets. They start to control over you. You become absorbed in that gadget. Your eyes get weak but you don’t notice. You get a bit depressed if your gadget is taken from you and you still don’t figure out why. You can figure out easily that this is a very bad health state to be in.

People now could easily predict what another person is doing. For example, a person checks another family’s status on WhatsApp (An app for texting that shows a profile picture, status and some other information). The person could watch their status every day. He could use a GPS to locate their location. He figures out a pattern that the family goes a park every weekend. The person just had to connect digitally and make out a pattern using some information. We could always guess or in other words, predict a way or pattern of something by connecting digitally.

Similarly, people could also track other person’s personal information. Another example is cybercrime. People usually click on apps without thinking and this could cause Hacking (type of cybercrime). People could steal over another’s personal data and use it. A good example is that if a person’s bank account information is hacked, that person will probably be having a heart attack.

“Privacy”, another major problem that is really common nowadays. Imagine a man going to a restaurant. He usually comes to this restaurant at Mondays.  He had his GPS turned on. He had clicked on an app apparently unaware that this app was of a company who was picking his personal information and using it. The company located him and then made ads related to this restaurant the man kept visiting. This is a very big problem as the person was not able to control over his privacy.

And last but not least, Health. It is also a very common issue. People using a lot of time on screens will suffer from backbone problems. Their eyes would get weaker and weaker and their retinal cells will be damaged.  Their heads would become heavy after they use a lot of gadgets. They would start to have sleeping problems and become overweight due to the lack of getting up.

Concluding that too much technology could damage our lives, we should now think about improving our ways. Spending less time on our gadgets has a lot of positive effects. People should spend more time on their social life. They should talk directly to their family and could have fun by playing board games and so. Too much technology will never do any good.



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