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School Uniforms

Apr 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Something plain and boring. Something that stops you from showing your self-expression and individualism at the school. Something that is uncomfortable and stops you from concentrating in class. If you guessed uniforms, then you are correct.

First of all, school uniforms make people lose their individuality. Imagine a classroom with many students, wearing shirts and trousers, sitting in front of their desks and writing on their notebooks. How a student could display or show his or her individuality when they have to look like other students? Everyone is unique in our own way. Some students like to express themselves through fashion. Wearing school uniforms would stop them to do that. Some prefer to wear trousers. Some prefer to wear skirts. Some like to dress formally. Some people like comfy clothes. People could show their different styles and culture if they are allowed to wear whatever they want.

Secondly, parents complain that uniforms cost a lot of money. Some schools will have less expensive uniforms and others will have more costly uniforms. The specific types of school shoes also add a little more money. Overall, school uniforms are costly. Therefore, uniforms cost a lot of money.

Another reason is that kids like comfort when they study. Some school uniforms are not comfortable and therefore students complain about this. Some kids like to wear clothes without buttons. Some like to wear sweatshirts. For example, some girls like to wear skirts instead of trousers while other girls like shirts and pants. Kids like to be as comfortable as they wish which cannot be completed when wearing school uniforms. Every child should have his or her own choice.

You might tell me that wearing school uniforms should stop a child from fighting over who has more fashionable and expensive dresses and the bullying and teasing of the kids who can’t afford the expensive types of clothing. Yes, but bullying will still happen on other things like hairstyles and types of school shoes and designed note books and school supplies. Even if we ignore the school supplies, some people can’t afford the school uniforms and even school books. So they have to buy second – hand books and uniforms. These people will still be bullied.

Not wearing school uniforms has a lot of positive effects. A person can show their individualism, and self-expression, be comfy while studying and parents can relax for not needing to buy new uniforms every year. So what are you waiting for people? Let’s start a debate on this and convince our school principles to change this rule.



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