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Dr. Rahat Indori: Poet of The Subcontinent

Aug 12, 2020 | 0 comments

مزہ چکھا کے ہی مانا ہوں میں بھی دنیا کو      

سمجھ رہی تھی کہ ایسے ہی چھوژدوں گا  اسے   

Dr. Rahat Indori, the finest poet and painter who ruled the world of Urdu poetry for decades, also known as the  ”Poet Of Subcontinent”, Dr. Rahat Qureshi ( Rahat Indori) created profound verses and compelling lyrics. He was a well known Indian personality who worked in Bollywood for a long period of time.

log har mod pe ruk ruk k sanmbhalte kiun hain

itna dartay hain tu phir ghar se nikalte kiun hain.

main na jugnooo hun na diya hun na koi tara hun 

roshni wale mere naam se jalte kiun hain?

Indori performed as an artist for 30 – 35 years. He traveled the globe to attend poetry conventions and to recite poetry there. He visited many countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, UAE, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.He kept working and was graced with exceeding popularity in Urdu Literature that even ‘mushairas’  were named after his name.

 Ja kay ye kehdo koi sholon se,chingari se,..

   phool is bar khilay hain bari tayyari se .   

 badshaahon se bhi phenke hue sikkay na liye,

   humne khairat bhi mangi hai tu bari khuddari se.


Renowned Indian poet, lyricist and songwriter died due to Covid-19

The celebrated poet was born on 1 January 1950 in Indore, India. Hence, called as ”Indori”. He completed his graduation in Urdu literature from Islamia Karimia College, Indore. He passed his MA from Barkatullah university, Bhopal. He wrote a remarkable thesis titled as ”Urdu Main Mushaira” for which he was awarded a PHD in Urdu literature from Bhoj University of Madhya Pradesh in 1985.

During Valentines week of 2020, his poem ‘Bulati hai par janay ka nahi’ went extremely viral on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and trended on Twitter and Youtube.

roz taron ki numaish pe khalal prhta hai

chand pagal hai andhere main nikal parhta hai?

He spent a sound part of life working as a lyricist in the Bollywood industry. He wrote more than thirty songs for the Indian films including Munna Bhai MBBS, Main tera Ashiq, Khuddar, janam and many more.

His whole captivating art and poetry is combined in the following books:

  1. Chand pagal hai
  2.  Naraz
  3. Moujood
  4. Dhoop buhat hai
  5. Mere baad
  6. Ratt
  7.  Do qadam or sahi

He suffered three sequential heart attacks. After first and second episodes but unfortunately he tested as Corona positive on 1o.August 2020. Following a massive cardiac arrest he died on 11 August 2020 in Aurobindo hospital,Indore.

راحت اندوری

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