The Survivor

Aug 7, 2020 | 0 comments

I felt something touch my cheeks, a slight stroke of wind which was enough to bring back consciousness into my body. I tried opening my eyes and was blinded by the sun that was staring straight into my face, ‘ugh’ my voice cracked up and I shielded my eyes from the blinding light of the sun.

At first everything was blurry but then my vision started to clear. ‘What is this place’, I still hadn’t completely gotten hold of my bearings and couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.

I was lying on a beach with coconut trees and thick forest behind me, the water was lapping quietly wetting my feet completely. A bird was sitting beside me pecking lightly on my hand, It was the strangest bird I had seen. The bird had every color that existed on it’s body and it had deep black eyes like oblivion. I quickly retracted my hand and it fluttered away leaving behind a feather which I put in my pocket. My face and clothes was a mess due to the sand, I stood up and took in my surrounding.

It all felt so surreal, “where was I”, was the thought continuously going through my mind. And then it all flooded in, the memory of last night like a spray from a fire hose.

I was aboard a trade ship that was going from Japan to Sri Lanka and last night there had been a storm and a bare bad one. The boat was being rocked one side to another by the huge crashing waves, the sails had been ripped to shreds by the roaring winds, the hull was in pieces and nobody thought they would survive.

The last thing I remembered was seeing everybody praying in their cabins and crying and suddenly a huge wave, the size of a mountain cracked the whole ship from the center and blackness that was all.

“What am I going to do”, I said to myself, sorrow filled in my voice. I felt lost. I glanced at the jungle looming ahead and all hope went crashing down the drain.

I touched my boots, looking for my knife. “Yes it’s still there” and I pulled it out. After taking it out, I heaved a sigh and my eyes locked onto the knife. I felt myself raising the knife pulling I close to my neck, darkness filled my eyes. ‘No!! What was I doing’ my mind raced and I threw the knife away. After sitting on the sand I pulled myself together and thought that God had given me a second chance and I was not going to throw it away, with the same determination I stood up and picked up the knife, “this is going to be useful” and I placed it back in it’s place.

‘What other strange things might be there?” I thought to myself but shrugged  of the thought.

I am a SURVIVOR and I am going to face this challenge head on. I walked into the jungle.



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