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Fitness: New Year’s Fitness Goal

Jan 31, 2021 | 0 comments

New Year’s Fitness Goals 

Although we can not deny the worth of good fitness. Now in this modern world, as soon as the world is introducing so many advanced technologies, this modern world has made our life so easy and we can get access to everything at our doorstep. Spending our life in rest, we have forgotten about our health and fitness. This pandemic also affected a lot of our health and fitness. We were just bound to homes.

So is the situation we should never compromise on our health and fitness? A few days ago, I visited my old friend. She was worried about her fitness resolution. So I decided why not, I should write on New year’s fitness goals? I worked out on this and here I will summarize that all. So take a pen and pencil and note all the key points so that you never miss this beneficial information, I am going to discuss here.

What are the new year’s fitness goals?

Normally, every year we make a lot of plans in December, but unfortunately, eventually, we put all the plans in our backyard bin. But this is not a big problem usually people do this, you may know that person.

Now reading this blog, you need to promise yourself that this year you have to achieve your new year’s fitness goal. Working small but consistently on fitness is your New Year’s fitness goal.

Does New Year’s fitness goal really work?

You may have listened to or read the story of a rabbit and turtle. And I hope you may be familiar with why the turtle achieved his goal.

Work out for your fitness while keeping that story in mind. As you know, slow and steady wins the race.

But here is also a catch, being human, our body cannot bear a lot of burden in a brief time. 

Setting up your new goals requires a lot of work. But if you are determined and patient, you can achieve your fitness goal.

How do new Year’s fitness goals work?

If you are thinking after joining a gym or doing exercises in the park day and night without rest, you can achieve your goal.

You are on the wrong track?

If you adopt this way, then you can face physical injuries like muscle stretching, poor mental health, drop-in energy, aches, and pains. 

Working short but consistently through the year will be beneficial for you. 

So here I feel to motivate you more with some common fitness resolution quotes.

Fitness Resolution Quotes

source: pexels.com

  1. It always seems impossible until it’s done.
  2. For me, exercise is more than just physical — it’s therapeutic.
  3. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.
  4. Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until we have depleted them.
  5. Most people do not know how good their body is designed to feel.

How to set a fitness goal for the new year?

Since you have understood all the things mentioned above, I hope you are fully prepared to set a fitness goal for the new year. Let me tell you the major key points to achieve your goals.

So start writing these sticky notes and applying all these steps, I assure you it will be so beneficial for your health and fitness.

Setting fitness goals for the new year

Source: pexels.com

While setting the new year’s fitness resolution, don’t be panic nor try to put a lot of burden on yourself. Start with the small, do repetition on a daily basis. Take it easy and instead of taking burden, enjoy this exercise. And if possible, try to convince your friends and family members or simply share this article on their timeline.

Moving forward, on our topic of setting fitness goals for the new year, I am telling you the major points that you need to follow.

01 Create a plan

Source pexels.com

Making a plan is the most important factor in every aspect of life. If you have a plan, then starting with a single step you will reach out to your destiny. But without a plan, you may start working, but eventually, you will be stuck on a certain point. Then there will be no turning point, and you will lose all the hard work you did in the past. Therefore, I recommend you to make a plan before starting.

 So in this first point, I would like to add some sub-points that you need to follow in your plan.

  1. Plan the things that you can do easily
  2. Set specific domains
  3. Time management

Plan The Things That You Can Do Easily

This is just an easy formula. If you follow this rule, you can get your new year fitness goal. Let me explain this factor. 

Suppose you are just going to start your fitness goal but if you run 05 miles per day or even you join a gym and start weight lifting with the 20  kg dumb. 

Do you think you can?

Yes, you may! But what will be the results? In just a few days, you will feel the results in reverse.

Instead of getting fitness you will lose a lot of energy or you will damage your hip joint and you will be on bed rest for the next 4 to 6 months. 

That’s why I am compelling you to start with basic and easy steps. That you need to find out what type of exercise you are going to start.

Set Specific Domain

Had you ever listened to ‘’Jack of all, master of none”?

Yes, maybe…

But let me explain it more to clear your confusion. Selecting a specific domain is very necessary before starting any kind of work.

Suppose you are a mother and you have a job, family, and your house works, including your new fitness goal. In this situation, you can not add all the exercises that an athlete does. In this situation, you need to choose your specific domain of exercise on which you will focus.

Time Management

Irregular people always become the victim of stress, anxiety, and losses. Therefore, keeping in mind all the above points time management is also very important for your new year fitness goals.

If you manage your time and divide your goals from easy to hard, you can achieve your fitness goal. Because when you start from easy to hard, your body will manage this burden accordingly and you will get good fitness soon.

Track your progress

After doing consistent work out, you will feel exciting results in your goal. It can be a flat tummy or removing your double chin or what so ever is this, you will realize it’s working. One day when you will be among your friends they will say you 

Oh! You are getting good fitness and then you will feel proud.

In this way, you can also track your progress.

Reward yourself 

Explaining the above example, when your friend or family member appreciates you, it will bring more self-confidence and trust in you. Because it’s natural when someone appreciates, you will automatically motivate yourself to do this more. But don’t forget to reward yourself. It can spend the entire day on Netflix or moving toward a zoo or what so ever it can be. So achieving new milestones and giving awards to yourself will bring more happiness and excitement to you.

Signing off!

Reading a blog or article, writing a note, or watching a video clip is a very easy step that most people do before starting a new year. But only 5% of people achieve their goals.

You know why?

Because that 5% of people are determined, punctual, hard workers and self-motivated. 

So do you find yourself in that 5% of people? If yes, then don’t waste your time and start working on your new year fitness goal.

Because you can do it.



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